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Essential Looks - looks of tomorrow for hairdressers today

Interview with Simon Ellis, Global Director Professional Partner Services

1. What is the concept of Essential Looks?
Essential Looks identifies and delivers the key fashion trends for the coming season by working with Editorial Stylists who are responsible for the hair creations of the seasonal fashion collections presented at the Fashion Weeks in London, Milan and Paris. This is the USP of Essential Looks. We take the key trends directly from the teams working on the key shows and translate these into both aspirational and real hair looks that we predict will be popular on the high street during the forthcoming season.

2. How do hairdressers transfer the collections into their daily salon life?
The key fashion trends that we present as part of each season’s Essential Looks collection are the base for stylists to then adapt. We actively encourage stylists to develop their own interpretations of Essential Looks. Hairdressers wish for constant inspiration regarding hair trends in cut, color and styling. They pass this inspiration on to their clients in the salon and this leads to a high level of client loyalty. This is why Essential Looks has proven to be so popular since the launch in 1997.

3. Why has Essential Looks proven to be so important for hairdressers?
Essential Looks truly supports the salon owner and their team by linking practical skills training directly to seasonal fashion trends. The biggest challenge for a salon-owner is to inspire a busy salon team and actively organize staff trainings after a full day of cutting and coloring clients. With Essential Looks we aim to provide our customers with a creative salon education package that can be used within the salon to train, inspire and motivate salon teams to fulfill the needs of their clients by offering the latest fashion inspired looks. Put simply - Essential Looks delivers the looks, styles and trends of tomorrow, to hairdressers today!

4. What is your vision for the future of Essential Looks and Schwarzkopf Professional?
Our industry is a dynamic and competitive global market place with a unique pulse, a world that combines the creative pulse of fashion with a passion for hair. To create real impact and deliver lasting success we must capture this unique pulse and celebrate it. This will provide us with a creative edge and a real point of difference. We want to truly demonstrate that Schwarzkopf Professional is an exciting, hairdresser-driven, global company, with innovative and personal service for salons. By celebrating creativity and innovation, we can deliver optimal offers to our hairdressers and their salon clients. Professional Partner Services is our real point of difference. We want to show that we are more than just a name, that Schwarzkopf is desirable and we want to give our clients the chance to experience and live the Schwarzkopf world. Our goal is not only to excite and fulfill existing client needs but also to inspire and win new customers by bringing “A Passion for Hair” to life. Essential Looks is our global image driver. It is exciting because it is fashion forward and shows real hair – it is our link to fashion. It clearly demonstrates our “Passion for Hair”, and provides our product brands with a direct emotional link to seasonal trends and the world of fashion.

5. What do you personally like best about the creation of the collections?
I love the fact that to succeed in our world we can never stand still - we must be a constant source of inspiration and demonstrate real commitment and passion. Essential Looks is all about winning! The concept is innovative and has had a real impact in the market place. Now, the constant challenge is to ensure that Essential Looks remains a leader and not a follower. Each season, the challenge is to deliver the real trends and thereby demonstrate to our hairdressers and their salon clients that Schwarzkopf Professional is an authority within our industry when it comes to fashion color, styles and trends.

6. What is so special about the hairdressers’ world?
Hairdressers think in terms of experience, not in terms of products or categories. As a long term partner we need to demonstrate that we understand our clients by delivering real, relevant and lasting products and services to support them in their daily work – by offering what our hairdressers and their clients really want and not what we think they want! This is proof of our “Partnership Approach” with our hairdressers and his clients. To excite our partners, we must communicate using the right imagery, the right emotional language and deliver tools and services that they can really work with, each and every day.

7. In what way are hairdressers round the globe different or are they similar anywhere?
Hairdressers are emotional and in order to succeed and win we must offer brands and services wrapped in a language that will excite and inspire. This language must be imaginative, visually rich and mood evoking. A language that is authentic in its honesty, human in its diversity, and believable in its simplicity. A language which hairdressers will respond to so we must dare to be emotional and we must dare to live it because it is emotion that touches the parts that the rational cannot reach. Therefore, in order to achieve long lasting success we must communicate “from the heart – to the heart” because a creative market such as ours needs constant excitement and will respond to emotive communication.

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