01/22/2009, Hamburg


Essential Looks Spring/Summer 2009


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Name Ada Karul
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The „111 Collection Part 1“

Each season, a handpicked team of session hairdressers immerse themselves in the fashion weeks of London, Paris, Milan and New York and emerge inspired to create a collection of distinct trends that will lead hairdressers and their salon clients to progress their personal style for the coming season.

The "111 Collection Part 1" celebrates the 111 years since Hans Schwarzkopf led a drugstore in Berlin in 1898. For shooting the new collection, the team came back to the spiritual home of Berlin not far from this site where the Schwarzkopf history began. Discover the "111 Collection" which is presented in four fashion moods:

80’s Dance
These sports and dance-inspired looks are youthfully commercial, combining easy sportswear layering with functional utility dressing. Fashion colors range from white, spearmint greens and smokey greys to geranium and sulphur with black and neon accents. The haircuts and colors are young, cool and with lots of attitude.

Tribal and safari influences combine with a sexy and sophisticated mix of styling. This trend is the ultimate strong woman aesthetic with inspiration drawn from the high-octane glamour of the late 60’s and 70’s. Colors vary from sandy neutrals to baked terracottas accented with purple-cast aubergine and black. The hair looks show precision shaped cuts, both strong and feminine.

Sunday Best
An eccentric, naive charm characterizes this thrown-together formal look. It mixes quirky color combinations and clashing prints with an eccentric-granny-comes-to-tea feel. Everything is mismatched and used in confident offbeat mixes. Sunday Best haircuts are soft, feminine and modern - perfect for rich, shiny finished looks.
Rounded Form
Designers continue their exploration of structure and drape with a softer rounded mood. Shapes with curved and rounded silhouettes replace jutting angles. White, smokey greys and black colors give the look an architectural and futuristic touch. Beautifully sculpted hair and rich vibrant colors capture the spirit of this trend.

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