01/22/2009, Düsseldorf


Interview with Armin Morbach, Schwarzkopf hair expert


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Hair is my passion

Armin Morbach, internationally recognized hair and make-up artist, is an ambassador for Schwarzkopf. He is responsible for the development and realization of the Schwarzkopf hairstyle trends, “Looks For You.” In 2009, Schwarzkopf will be holding the 111 Years of Schwarzkopf gala – and Armin Morbach will be putting on the “Looks For You 2009” hair show.

What do you like most about being an ambassador for Schwarzkopf?
Armin Morbach:
Schwarzkopf is the number one hair cosmetics company in Germany. This makes the work particularly exciting. It is very important for me to have the feeling that I can actually impact a company. Schwarzkopf stands for innovation. My work as an ambassador for Schwarzkopf is so multi-faceted that I can not only utilize my professional knowledge, but I can also express my creativity in a broad spectrum of areas. Since I can communicate directly with the responsible individuals, no matter what positions they hold, this collaboration is very creative and effective.

What is the concept of the 2009 “Looks For You” hair show, and what aspect of the realization of the show for the Schwarzkopf gala is particularly important to you?
Armin Morbach:
In “Looks For You,” I am primarily interested in creating and showing looks that women can also manage at home. As at the international fashion shows in Milan or Paris, the gala show will present fewer cuts, but more stylings, which can be recreated with the help of Schwarzkopf consumer products. The appearance of top models on the catwalk makes it clear that Schwarzkopf can also hold its own internationally.

You are one of the first people who get to try out the new Schwarzkopf products. From your own experience, what makes Schwarzkopf products special?
Armin Morbach: I
find it fascinating that the experts at Schwarzkopf are able again and again to successfully launch innovative products on the market. One of these is Essential Color, the first permanent colorant with absolutely no ammonia, and Coloriste, a colorant that gives the hair an intensive, brilliant color in only ten minutes. Schwarzkopf products are distinguished by their high quality, and they can compete globally with international products. I experience again and again how enthusiastic stylists are about the quality of the products. Once they have used Schwarzkopf products, they want to keep working with them.

What is your vision for the future of the Schwarzkopf brand?
Armin Morbach
: My motto is: louder, better, bigger! People should become even more aware of the quality the Schwarzkopf name represents. Not only for its product innovations, but for Schwarzkopf’s role in creating international hairstyling trends. I am looking forward to continuing my work as a Schwarzkopf hair expert in the coming years and hope that we will be able to accomplish a great deal together.

Armin Morbach made a making-of film during the shooting of the “Looks For You 2009”.

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