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“Looks For You” from Schwarzkopf


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This is how I want to look: The Schwarzkopf looks for 2009

This is the third time in a row that Armin Morbach has created “Looks For You” in collaboration with Schwarzkopf, the Looks of 2009. Armin Morbach’s high aspirations involve taking the latest inspirations from the world of beauty and fashion, the current trends, and the celebrity looks that are currently “in”, and using them to create modern, contemporary and distinctive looks. And that’s how the new Schwarzkopf looks have turned out: trend-conscious, cool, individual and wearable. One of his strengths, in addition to his effervescent creativity, his sensitivity to how women really want to look, and his feeling for individuality, is the professional way he applies all of this. What resulted was not only styles, but a perfect interplay of personality, color and cut. The Looks of 2009 convey a message: Become the person you really are. Reinvent yourself!

There are more options than depending totally on society’s general way of thinking and sense of style, more than the ideas of the great fashion designers, more than the visions propagated by the creative sector. “People are looking for individuality more than ever before,” according to Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach. “The way an individual feels, one’s self-consciousness, plays a crucial role here. Where do I stand in the context of what is going on around me?” The Schwarzkopf Looks of 2009 are therefore more than ever tendencies, showing the direction developments are taking. The Looks include four major hair trends and invite individual interpretation. Because one thing is clear: No amount of styling can create authenticity. “A cut means change. It can either transform you or remain superficial,” says Armin Morbach. “Only the personality of the wearer can make a look come alive.”
He draws the inspiration for his Looks from the international catwalks and from his eclectic experience in the fashion and beauty scene, in which he himself is one of the top innovators. Being able to think for the customer is one of his prominent qualities, as are the courage to question trends and the ability to create new visions out of the flood of trends. The creative realization of the Looks shoots was accomplished by New York fashion and beauty photographer Paola Kudacki. She has done photography for international women’s and lifestyle magazines, has worked for John Varvatos and Louis Vuitton, and in 2008 was represented in the group exhibition entitled “Dreamwomen” in Hamburg.

Nature’s Divine:
Femininity will be experiencing a real comeback on the international catwalks in 2009. After the anorexic and the androgynous types, real women are now again sought after: desirable, erotic and sensual, full of temperament and personality. This type of woman is embodied perfectly by Gisele Bündchen. She has made it clear that it pays to be “true to yourself.” Men love her because of her sex appeal, women because she is so natural. The Nature’s Divine woman totally accepts her femininity and simply enjoys life. She invests in her health, and her hair is an expression of her attitude toward life. Nature’s Divine means natural opulence and the comeback of lots of hair. It is important for the hair to extend below the shoulders, because only then does it communicate the desired feeling of abundance. The palette of colors ranges from light brown to black and should be flattering to the complexion. Most attractive are highlights that subtly underscore the color and structure of the hair. Care and shine are important, but not the main thing. The feel is key. Whether curly or wavy, the hair is natural, falls randomly, and seems as difficult to control as the temperament of its wearer. Curling irons and rollers are absolutely necessary for the proper styling. “Whether in large waves, as a curly mane, or in a big hair style with a slight wave, the look is a natural one and is always supposed to give the impression that it had happened all by itself,” says Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach. “Women who don’t like waves will wear their hair straight with the ends turned in.”

Caravan Glam:
A wild look which seems anything but grown up. The Caravan Glam woman definitely has a split personality. Part of her is totally entrenched in big city life and fleeting encounters, while the other part longs for the romantic serenity of nature. The visual leader of this independent look is still Kate Moss. She couldn’t care less about her image, doesn’t put on a show, is always casual, and thus is always herself. Whether she is at a rock festival or a gala event – she never conforms, but she is never out of place. “For this look to look good, a perfect cut and a beautiful color are absolute musts,” as Armin Morbach explains this trend.  “Only then can you get away with such a casual hairstyle.” The Olsen Twins and Sienna Miller also stand for Caravan Glam. Their look seems to have been colored by the sun, bleached by the saltwater and dusted with sand, and stands for a combination of various shades of blond, multi-mono coloring. The individual strands of hair vary in color from golden blond to dark blond. The color seems to have “grown out” a little and never quite reaches the roots. The long hair is cut into various layers and goes down past the shoulders. It is simply blow-dried over a large round brush or twisted onto a curling iron. There are plenty of options for the bangs. They can be really long, blow-dried to the side, or cut at an angle to the rest of the hair.

New Faith:
What a haircut! New Faith takes us back to purism. Straight lines and simple cuts define the look. Known for her extravagant style, Kate Bosworth represents the New Faith look. With her different-colored eyes and her high cheekbones, she is not a typical Hollywood beauty, but a very special kind of woman. No sex tapes or wild parties, but constant work and reserve, define her lifestyle. New Faith is a new interpretation of the classic bob. The hair in the new bob is somewhere between chin length and almost shoulder length, as is currently being worn by Kate Bosworth and Gwyneth Paltrow. The volume is reduced, the hair is controlled, straightened, and frames the face. The bob hairstyles are sometimes parted on the right and sometimes on the left. This creates geometric shapes, with one side pulled back behind the ear. “I particularly like the slightly punk rock variation,” confesses Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach. “The undercut with the shaved sides, short nape, and long top layer of hair makes a large number of styling options possible: blow-dried to the side, punky, or totally away from the face.” A contrast to the strict, purist cut is provided by the color, which uses a palette of cold, metallic shades. Whether shades of natural blond are used or a brash, cool aubergine – the color turns the classic New Faith cut into a truly special look and underscores the character of the person wearing it. The feminine version of the look is more commercial. The hair keeps its natural volume, but falls more softly and sensually, and is wavier.

The Short:
In 2009, short hair will be more hip than ever. Celebrities like Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, and Hilary Swank prove that femininity cannot be measured by the length of your hair. Short is sexy. Models like Agyness Deyn and Anja Rubik, with their special looks and their extroverted personalities, make their mark on the designers’ shows. But no one is identified more closely with this style than Mia Farrow in the late 1960s. The cult film “Rosemary’s Baby” made her into a legend. The look is fragile and girlish and contrasts strongly with the image we normally connect with short hair.  The Short stands for a new start, discovery and rediscovery. The important thing is for femininity to remain the highest priority. Soft shapes turn into soft transitions, and the cut doesn’t lose its definition over the next few weeks as the hair grows. The cuts have no hard edges; the hair is “sliced” and falls naturally. “The cut is styled very individually, preferably using your fingers and the right styling product,” says Armin Morbach. “And one more important tip: If you bleach your hair, you should absolutely have your eyebrows bleached, too, to make the look perfect.”

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