Emergency aid in response to natural catastrophes

When natural disasters occur, we respond with immediate aid – provided unbureaucratically through the Fritz Henkel Foundation – wherever it is needed in the world. After the catastrophe in Japan, for example, we immediately sent product and financial donations to help our employees and other disaster victims in the region. Similarly, directly after the devastating floods in Thailand, we provided financial aid for our employees and other people in need. In providing this assistance, we take care to ensure that 100 percent of all donations are passed on to the persons affected.

New start after the flood

Thousands of people lost their property in the floods that washed over many towns in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic in June 2013. Henkel and the Fritz Henkel Foundation are helping with monetary and product donations.

“At the beginning, we provided laundry detergents and cleaning products, shower gels, shampoo and skin cream. A little later, this was followed by construction products for drying and repairing the buildings,” reports Heiko Held, who is in the Global Social Progress team and is responsible, among other things, for emergency aid. The products were distributed by aid organizations. Henkel sent fourteen truck-trailers from Düsseldorf to help the people in the areas affected by the flooding to make their apartments and houses habitable again.

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“All three business sectors immediately agreed to help,” reports Held. Monetary donations that were received by the Fritz Henkel Foundation and referenced “Flood 2013” were also passed on to the “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” organization.

Emergency aid after monsoon rains in the Philippines

On August 19, 2013, a monsoon rain, followed by a typhoon, put large parts of the Philippine capital of Manila up to two meters under water within 24 hours. Throughout the country, a total of approximately a million people were affected – and 62 people died as a result of the severe weather.

Henkel employees were also affected by the flooding. The Fritz Henkel Foundation found practical ways to provide them with immediate help. For example, the company made alternative accommodations available for the families of five employees whose homes had been flooded. And employees who could not get home again after work were able to spend the night at a hotel. “During the storm, our employees did everything they could to keep production and the Shared Service Center running. I would like to thank all of our employees and Henkel for their support,” says Elaine Kunkle, General Manager of Henkel Philippines.

Henkel provides global aid to Japan 2011

Helping the victims of the flood desaster in Germany Henkel follows with great sympathy the events in Japan after the major earthquake and the subsequent tsunami. The company has provided immediate and unbureaucratic help and has initiated donations. Many Henkel employees from all over the world have expressed their sympathy with the victims of this natural catastrophe and their wish to donate money themselves. Henkel is collecting these employee donations and will transfer them to a local relief organization.

Rapid provision of aid to Haiti 2010

Aid to Haiti via the Henkel Friendship Initiative

Thousands of victims, unimaginable destruction – the Haitian earthquake cause aid organizations throughout the world to sound the red alert. Henkel too responded by deciding immediately to send aid. The company was able to quickly channel a donation to the aid charity International Search and Rescue – I.S.A.R./Germany. The main focus of the operations carried out by the aid workers of I.S.A.R. lay in the provision of medical supplies and rescuing quake victims. Henkel also donated care products, household detergents and, especially useful packs of wound adhesive, donated to Humaplus, UNICEF and International Health Partners.

Tsunami in the Indian Ocean 2004

Henkel Friendship Initiative: Donation to the tsunami victims

December 2004: on Boxing Day a tsunami in the Indian Ocean took countless human lives and swept away the livelihoods of thousands more. Henkel, its employees and retirees, the Henkel family and many others donated a total of 600,000 euros in order to give the people in the region at least a little hope for the future.