Innovation and responsibility

Yesterday’s progress soon becomes routine. One wonderful invention is not enough. What is needed is a steady stream of ideas for even better and totally new products. A prime example of our innovative strength is our premium laundry detergent brand, Persil, which celebrated its 100th birthday in 2007 in more than 70 countries. The decisive factor behind the market success of Persil and all our products is their performance, which we continuously strive to improve through innovation. Innovations are also key to sustainable development. They express our conviction that it is essential to always strike a healthy balance between economic, ecological and social objectives. This is a long-established belief at Henkel. As long ago as 1972, at the Hannover Fair, Company CEO Dr. Konrad Henkel warned that “companies that only think in terms of profit will soon have a lot to lose.” The members of the Henkel family, as majority shareholders, have constantly inspired both top management and the company as a whole to follow this model of a naturally profit-oriented entrepreneur who is also aware of the ecological and social dimensions of his actions and careful to fulfill his obligations as an employer. We regard this tradition as a distinguishing characteristic of Henkel and as a competitive advantage. Our dedication to sustainability and corporate social responsibility is demonstrated in many different ways.