News 2012

Henkel Argentina - Argentina’s 50 most eco-friendly companies
Business magazine lists Henkel Argentina 

The company was included in the special report published by the prestigious “Apertura” business magazine on the basis of its contribution to reducing its ecological footprint at Chivilcoy.

Round Table of the MIT Initiative
Volunteering on a global scale 

Promoting the scouting movement in Germany’s Lower Rhine region, craft activities with dementia and Alzheimer patients in Solingen, drilling for water in Cambodia and construction and operation of an orphanage in Burundi... The volunteering work of Henkel employees and retirees is diverse indeed, bringing improvements both great and small to the lives of thousands of people around the world. At the annual Round Table of the MIT Initiative (Make an Impact on Tomorrow), the invitees each had a chance to speak about their volunteering projects and the difference a Henkel donation can make. 

New solvent-based laminating Liofol adhesives
Higher resistance to spicy sauces and acidic contents 

The solvent-based laminating adhesives Liofol LA 3963-21 and Liofol LA 3643-21, each used with hardener LA 6063-21, can increase the resistance of food packages to acidic and other aggressive contents. The underlying technical innovation by Henkel has resulted in the best adhesives of their kind today and is setting new standards.

Guillermo von Bergen, Vice-President of Henkel Argentina
Implementation of Sustainability Strategy 2030 

Businesses managers explain the application of this strategy among the business sectors and operations, placing sustainability at the heart of the management process.

Purbond adhesives from Henkel
The sky’s the limit 

In close cooperation with Henkel, the German start-up company Timber Tower GmbH implemented a pilot project that could herald a new era for the wind power industry.

Henkel lauded for collaboration with Spanish universities
“Research Award” for Henkel Ibérica 

Henkel has been honored for its work with Spanish universities and research centers: The Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI) and the Government of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya) accorded the “Research Award 2012” in the category of the public-private partnership to Henkel, the Chemical Research Institute of Tarragona (ICIQ) and the University of Barcelona (UAB).

Color for cause campaign
MEA Adhesive team: MIT for Life 

The Adhesive Technologies team in Middle East Africa has supported its communities with its humanitarian efforts. These corporate volunteering efforts took place within the framework of Henkel’s initiative “Making an Impact on Tomorrow”, known as MIT in short. Henkel’s new sustainability strategy, pays close attention, among others, to social progress and giving back to the community. To promote this strategy, the MEA Adhesive team contributed towards social progress this year, with the aid of diverse initiatives and volunteer work from the employees, such as the “Color for cause”, “Cleaning the beach” and “Achieving more with less” campaigns.

Henkel awarded with Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility Award
Henkel wins Arabia CSR award 

In a major recognition for its commitment to sustainability, Henkel in the Gulf region (GCC) was conferred the 5th Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award. Henkel won the second price for its efforts in spearheading sustainable business practices.

40th anniversary of Henkel Thailand and Henkel Day event
Henkel Thailand celebrates 40th anniversary 

In 1972, Roland Maurer and three employees started Henkel’s first office in Thailand. Incidentally, this was also Henkel’s first establishment in South East Asia. From this humble beginning, through a series of acquisitions in the 1990s and 2000s, Henkel expanded its manufacturing footprint and market reach in the Land of Smiles.

The new magazine for social engagement: Together

The new Henkel magazine for social engagement has been published. It gives an overview of the contribution the company makes toward social progress and reports on the volunteer work of the employees and retirees.

Colombian youngsters in the Shaping Futures program
Shaping Futures in Colombia 

Youngsters from Colombia have received the title of integral stylists after a four-week training. The training took place within the framework of the Shaping Futures initiative of the Schwarzkopf Professional.

Adhesin dilution system simplifies sustainable production in the tissue industry 

Concentrated water-based adhesive systems offer the benefit of low transport weights compared to ready-to-use products. And now, with a fully automatic device, Henkel can simplify concentrate dilution for customers of its Adhesin brand of adhesives in the tissue and towel industry.

The new Henkel sustainability strategy
Henkel Day centers on sustainability 

Today, on September 26, 2012, Henkel will celebrate its 136th anniversary around the world. The motto for this year’s Henkel Day is sustainability, and a variety of activities will encourage employees at the various sites across the globe to get involved. What’s more, the new “Henkel Sustainability Video” will be released to mark the occasion.

Shaping Futures in Latvia 

26 teenagers from the Latvian SOS Children Villages attended a hairdressing training, organized within Schwarzkopf Professional’s Shaping Futures project in August.

WAC 2012
Europe’s adhesives industry discusses sustainability topics 

FEICA, the Association of the European Adhesive and Sealant Industry, has invited to the 8th World Adhesive & Sealant Conference (WAC) which takes place in Paris from September 18 to 21. Sustainability is a major topic.

Logo Dow Jones Sustainability Index
Henkel again takes top spot in sustainability ranking 

For the sixth consecutive year, Henkel has been listed as sector leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World) and Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe (DJSI Europe). Henkel again took first place in the Nondurable Household Products category and remains the only company in its sector to feature in both the DJSI World and the DJSI Europe. The Indexes list corporations that follow the principles of sustainable development in their business operations.

Logo Henkel Innovation Challenge 6
Henkel’s international student competition has started 

The sixth annual “Henkel Innovation Challenge” kicks off this September. Students from 27 countries are invited to participate. The task for the participants in the “Henkel Innovation Challenge” is to develop a concept for an innovative and sustainability-related product or technology for a Henkel brand, according to the vision and market needs in 2050. Interested students can register until December 12, at

Henkel supports Crucial Crew 

Henkel UK & Ireland is proud to support the Hertfordshire Crucial Crew, for the first time in 2012. This organization was set up almost twenty years ago to educate children on how to stay safe and make better decisions in potentially dangerous situations.

Sustainability Week in Mexico 

At the beginning of August Henkel and Walmart joint forces for a better world and celebrated the Sustainability Week. Walmart Mexico and Central America is Henkel’s main customer in the region.

Green Award for Henkel’s “Cachaza” Project  

Henkel Chile’s “Cachaza” Project has been awarded the “Chile Verde 2012”, in recognition of its sustainability efforts.

New Starbucks EarthSleeve™ saves nearly 100,000 trees 

Starbucks Coffee Company, LBP Manufacturing from Chicago and Henkel announced the availability of EarthSleeve™, a new hot-cup sleeve that combines performance with environmental sensibility. The EarthSleeve™ is currently being introduced into Starbucks locations across the United States and Canada and is being evaluated for global usage. The proprietary technology enables a reduction in overall material usage while at the same time increasing the post-consumer content. These adjustments correlate to a savings of nearly 100,000 trees. 

Annual Report 2011 awarded platinum 

In its “2011 Vision Awards”, the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) awarded the 2011 Henkel Annual Report with the highest possible distinction: Platinum. The Henkel Annual Report 2011 scored 99 out of 100 points.

Bringing Sustainability into Classrooms 

The Henkel Sustainability Club in Argentina, has for the second time in two consecutive years visited 10 schools in Chivilcoy and schooled pupils on environmental issues.

Fundamental research into energy efficiency  

Henkel has conferred its “Laundry & Home Care Research Award,” which comes with a check for 3,000 euros, on scientist Dr. Peggy Heunemann in recognition of her exceptional PhD thesis relating to the occurrence and the structures of nano-emulsions. The researcher did her PhD at Berlin University of Science and Technology and the Laue-Langevin Institute in Grenoble, France.

Cleaning up for a sustainable cause! 

In keeping with Henkel’s sustainability strategy “Achieving More with Less”, Henkel Russia employees took to the streets in June, and cleaned up the Main Botanical Garden in Moscow.

Henkel Charity Bazaar in Korea 

Henkel Korea has held the charity bazaar for two consecutive years in association with The Beautiful Store, a non-profit NGO which conducted the recycling campaign nationwide, on May 31, 2012.

Green technologies for automotive industry  

Henkel exhibited its complete range of innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for the automotive industry at the Thailand Auto Parts & Accessories 2012.

Important Distinction for Henkel Greece and Dixan 

Henkel Greece and the Dixan brand have been recognized for their outstanding annual best practices and their CSR engagements with the Excellence Awards.

Valuable Contribution to CSR 

Henkel Argentina was recognized for its support to accomplish the mission of IARSE (Instituto Argentino de Responsabilidad Social Empresaria, meaning Argentinian Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility), which is to promote and disseminate the concept and practice of CSR to contribute to sustainable development of the country and the whole region.

Rorsted speaks about Henkel Sustainability Strategy 

On a recent business trip to Dubai, Henkel CEO Kasper Rorsted met with local business leaders and gave a keynote speech on sustainability at the first Sustainability Summit in Dubai.

Henkel Guatemala celebrates the “Tree Day” 

In a playful event Henkel in Guatemala aimed to increase the awareness of their employees and families about the importance of environmental issues in general and especially trees: they celebrated the “Tree Day” together.

Repositionable adhesives with high final bond strength 

Adhesive tapes, graphic films and sophisticated labels for upmarket consumer goods demand innovative adhesives, and Henkel has developed a comprehensive portfolio to meet such needs. Offering solutions in both areas, it comprises removable, repositionable and permanent products.

Innovative adhesives for flexible packaging 

Flexible packages offer top functionality combined with low material costs and low weight. Manufacturing them demands increasingly innovative and sustainable solutions. To meet these needs, Henkel has expanded its product portfolio by adding a new solvent-free Liofol brand laminating adhesive based on renewable raw materials that makes it ideal for biofilms. In addition, the globally leading adhesives manufacturer is presenting two solvent-free and TDI-free laminating systems with a long pot life.

Henkel offers first complete range of adhesives for low migration consumer goods packages 

Since 2011, packages for food have been subjected to even more stringent regulations than ever. They are governed by legislation such as the European regulation on plastic materials, which specifies limits for migration of ingredients into packaged foods. In order to ensure that practically no substances can migrate from the adhesive to the food, Henkel is now offering Low Migration versions of its well-known water-based adhesives under the Adhesin brand.

Henkel Argentina celebrates Earth Day  

Demonstrating its commitment to leadership in sustainability, Henkel Argentina celebrated the world Earth Day by organizing and participating in several activities, aimed at the reflecting and creating awareness about the importance of environmental care.

Henkel presents new multifunctional coating that promotes fuel efficiency  

Henkel will discuss its new coating technology for automotive combustion engine applications in a technical presentation at SAE World Congress and Exposition. It highlights a study Henkel conducted in collaboration with FEV that shows that Henkel’s Electro Ceramic coating technology reduces emission formation and has the potential to reduce fuel consumption inside the combustion chamber of internal combustion engines.

Innovative ingredients for future laundry detergents 

Henkel and 4SC Discovery have agreed a research collaboration in the area of compound screening. The aim of the joint research project is to identify new and more effective laundry detergent ingredients. For its part, 4SC Discovery will perform property calculations for several million substances. Henkel will then use application testing to determine the substances most suitable for new detergent formulations.

Achieving more with less 

Henkel aims to create more added-value products with fewer resources through its new sustainability strategy.

Mexican Detergent Factory awarded  

The Mexican detergent factory in Toluca has been awarded the Clean Industry Certificate for the second consecutive time.

New sustainability strategy for 2030 

For more than two decades, Henkel has been publishing a dedicated Sustainability Report alongside its Annual Report. In the 21st issue, which is being published today, the company is presenting its new Sustainability Strategy 2030. At the core of this is the goal of achieving more with less and tripling its efficiency. The new sustainability strategy applies to all business sectors and the entire value chain. 

Committed to Leadership in Sustainability  

Sustainable and responsible: Henkel was awarded with the King Khaled Award for Responsible Competitiveness for 2011 and the CHEP Awards 2011 for Sustainability in Saudi Arabia.

Top Rankings for Henkel 

Henkel has yielded laudable results in varying Sustainability Rankings, like the „Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies“ and in the „Sustainability Yearbook 2012“.

First “Henkel Sustainability Award” presented 

Henkel has presented the “Henkel Sustainability Award” for the first time on January 30, 2012 in Orlando, Florida. The award will annually recognize business partners who notably contributed to the development of more sustainable products from Henkel. The “Henkel Sustainability Award 2011” has been conferred to BASF.

Henkel awards outstanding suppliers 

At the 2012 American Cleaning Institute (ACI) Annual Meeting and Industry Convention, January 30 through February 4 in Orlando, Florida, Henkel recognized four outstanding suppliers for their excellent cooperation. The “Henkel Sustainability Award”, which is presented for the first time, was conferred to  BASF. The “Best Supply Performance Award” went to Evonik Industries. Winners of the “Best Innovation Contributor Award” were The Dow Chemical Company and Dow Corning.

New Henkel Logistics Center 

Construction for Henkel’s new 500 million roubles (approx. 12 million euros) logistics center in the Perm region of Russia is on schedule for completion by next month. The logistics hub, located near the Henkel production facility, will feature an automatic conveyor, as well as a shipment system for its finished products. The facility will cover an area of 12,500 m² and boast storage capacity for up to 25,000 pallets.

Global best practices in energy management at Henkel 

A detergent factory of Henkel Polska in Racibórz, as one of the first in Poland and the first Henkel plant in the world, has achieved ISO 50001 international standard. ISO 50001 is one of the newest and best global practices aimed at rational and efficient energy management.