Principles and criteria for MIT donations

The employee or retiree must apply for support in writing. An interdisciplinary MIT committee then decides on the support of each individual project. The committee follows clear guidelines.

  • The decision regarding the level of funding for a particular project depends on the intensity of the voluntary involvement of the employee / retiree, the number of people helped and the sustainability of the project.
  • Henkel supports activities in the areas of social needs, education and science, fitness and health, arts and culture, and the environment.
  • The involvement of the applicant must be unpaid.
  • The positive impact for the people that benefit from the social project has to be sustainable and long-term.
  • Therefore Henkel focuses on helping people to help themselves. The company provides start-up funding but does not finance projects permanently. This means, for example, that Henkel does not provide funding for rents or salaries.
  • All supported projects have to accord with the Henkel Code of Conduct. For example, the company does not sponsor political parties.
  • Henkel checks the trustworthiness of recipients.

All donations are provided directly to the nonprofit institution for which the employee or retiree is working on a volunteer basis.

All MIT volunteers are asked to give feedback regarding funding use, project progress and results, for example in brief reports and photos. Usually the enjoyment generated by helping is such that volunteers are both proud and delighted to report back on how the funding has been utilized.