Quality and responsibility – Today for tomorrow

Our history points the way to our future. For Henkel, quality and responsibility are inseparably linked. Our adhesives are helping to make modern cars lighter to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. And our modern laundry detergents and cleaning products perform excellently even at low temperatures, enabling households to lower their energy consumption. These are just some examples of many smart solutions from Henkel. But the impact of such innovations ultimately depends on the collective responsibility of individuals, with each person making a conscious decision to buy the more sustainable alternative. Customers and consumers can rely on our products to deliver first-class performance. They have been extensively tested for safety and are environmentally compatible. They are made using water and energy efficient processes by qualified employees working in good conditions. We as a company, and all our employees worldwide, are aware of the requirements of sustainable development. We act in conformity with these requirements and embrace our responsibility. Sustainability is and will remain what we stand for – today and tomorrow.