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Our employees

A sustainability task force with about 50,000 members

Our employees are a vital factor for success in the competitive international environment in which we operate. Collaborating with our customers, they develop innovations and also play a role in conserving resources. We believe that a successful implementation of our sustainability strategy can only be achieved by valuing, challenging and rewarding our employees.

Human rights and social standards

As long ago as 1994, we declared in our corporate mission that we respect the social values of the countries and cultural spheres in which Henkel operates. We underscored this when we introduced our Code of Conduct in 2000 and when we joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2003. Our Social Standards are derived from the guidelines of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Global Compact, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the Social Accountability Standard (SA 8000). Through training, presentations, and eLearning programs, we ensure that our social standards are firmly anchored.


Being a global company, diversity is a key characteristic of our understanding as a company. People from over 125 nations in more than 75 countries work at Henkel. The different cultures, attitudes and skills of our employees help us in understanding our markets and customers better and achieve long-term success.

Human resources management

Based on our corporate culture, we introduced new Leadership Principles in 2012 that contribute to the successful implementation of our strategy. These principles state what we expect of our managers. In order to embed them worldwide, an exchange of experience took place on the subject of leadership in 2013 among the nearly 6,800 people managers in around 350 workshops.


Recognition of individual performance on the part of our employees through a fair compensation in line with market practices is a fundamental component of our corporate culture. Thereby, we ensure that there is no difference between the compensation received by male and female employees.

Occupational Safety

Occupational health and safety has top priority at Henkel. Our long term objective is to have zero accidents. We therefore regularly conduct safety training sessions at all sites that train employees on topics such as protective equipment, fire protection, warehousing, and first aid. Our comprehensive approach to occupational health and safety has proved effective: 90 percent of our worldwide production sites have remained accident free in 2013.

Healthy Workplace

We care about the health of our employees. We have therefore developed operational measures, such as targeted health and preventive programs to guard against workplace-related risks that might lead to long-term illnesses.