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Product Stewardship

Product innovations play an essential role if we are to decouple increased quality of life from resource consumption.

We are guided by a clear strategy when it comes to the development of new products: New solutions have to offer more value and better performance while having a smaller environmental footprint. At the same time, our customers and consumers can be certain that our products are safe when used as intended.

Innovation means sustainable development

We are aware of the fact that our products are used millions of times worldwide every day. As a consequence, they offer enormous potential for contributing to sustainable development. Sustainability is therefore a required element of the Henkel innovation process. And one of the strategic principles for implementing our sustainability strategy is: Our products should offer customers and consumers more value and better performance while having a smaller environmental footprint. As a result, every new product makes a positive contribution to at least one of the six Henkel focal areas and at least one stage of the value chain.

Improvements based on life cycle analyses

Sustainable development demands a systematic approach. That is the reason why our experts analyze the complete life cycle of our products. We want to assess what environmental impacts occur, to what extent, and in which phase of a product’s life. Improvement measures can then be applied where they are most needed and can be most efficiently implemented.

The “Henkel-Sustainability#Master” combines various instruments for measuring sustainability. This evaluation system centers around a matrix based on the individual steps of our value chains and on our six focal areas. For every product category hot spots (white fields) can be identified on the basis of scientific measurement methods. The specified hot spots can also be used to compare the sustainability profile of two products or processes.

Product Safety

Product safety as a top priority

In an ongoing process, all raw materials and finished products at Henkel are subjected to numerous assessments and tests to ensure a high level of safety during production, use and disposal. This is based on ensuring compliance with legal regulations and further reaching Henkel standards.

SHE Standards

Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Standards

Raw materials and packaging

Responsible use of raw materials

Henkel is committed to a responsible sourcing and management of raw materials, and especially the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity. We use ingredients based on renewable raw materials to optimize the overall characteristics of our products. Read more in our Online Sustainability Report.