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Production & Logistics

Ongoing improvements for sustainable operations

Henkel operates 170 production sites in 55 countries all over the world. We continuously work on improving our processes and site structures, while simultaneously focusing on reducing energy, water, materials consumption and environmental impacts as an important part of our promise of quality. A center of activities lies in our contribution to climate protection.

  • Keeping our 20-year goal of "Factor 3" in mind, we have set concrete interim targets for our production sites.
  • By 2020, we aim to make 30 percent reductions in our energy use, water use, and waste production per production unit.
  • “Energy and Climate” is one of our six focal areas and assigned a clear efficiency target: a further reduction of 30 percent in energy consumption per production unit by 2020.
  • We also work continuously on the development of efficient and environmentally compatible logistics concepts, also with external partners. We aim to reduce the complexity in the transportation and storage of Henkel’s finished products. In addition, one of the criteria for selecting our logistics partners is the energy efficiency of their vehicle fleets.

The underlying approach of our strategy is that reduction is always better than offsetting. As a basic principle, we begin by exploring all options for reducing energy consumption and the related carbon emissions, in order to avoid generating climate-damaging gases in the first place. It is only after we have exhausted all those possibilities that we consider the use of green electricity or carbon offsetting certificates. Nevertheless, we check whether and where the use of renewable energy sources is economically worthwhile for us and can make an additional contribution to climate protection.

Sustainable operations

Sustainable production and logistics is an essential part of our value chain. We have developed different programs and systems through which both our employees and third-parties can contribute to continuous improvement of all our processes. Find out more in our Online Sustainability Report.

Sustainability indicators

The indicators we record throughout the company offer transparency in many respects. They help us to identify potential improvements, steer programs, monitor target achievement, and inform the public about our performance and progress in compact form. Find out more in our Online Sustainability Report.