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Responsible Supply Chain

With business activities becoming more global and supply chains more complex, Henkel is increasingly looking beyond the sustainability of its own operations.

We strive for a close collaboration with our partners and suppliers to improve the sustainability impact across a product’s entire value chain, from raw materials extraction to final consumption and recycling.

To fulfill this goal, we expect our business partners to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with our sustainability requirements: We place the same exacting demands on suppliers worldwide. They are assessed in a comprehensive process that covers sustainability performance and risks as well as key commercial and operating indicators. This is based on our globally applicable corporate purchasing standards and the Safety, Health and Environment standards that we formulated as early as 1997, thereby demonstrating even at that time our commitment to assuming responsibility along the entire value chain.



Together for Sustainability

To enhance sustainability within the supply chain, leading chemical companies joined forces in the Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative.


More sustainability in the chemical supply chains

In 2012, Henkel and other leading companies in the chemical industry established an initiative entitled “Together for Sustainability – The Chemical Initiative for Sustainable Supply Chains” (TfS). The initiative’s aim is to harmonize the increasingly complex supply chain management processes and to optimize the dialog between worldwide business partners. Above all, synergies are to be created, so that resources can be used more efficiently and with a minimum of administrative effort, not only among the member companies but with all of our shared suppliers. At the heart of the initiative is the idea: “An audit for one is an audit for all.”