Thesis (Master/Diploma)

End your studies on a high.

There’s no better way to stimulate ideas, inspiration and motivation for a successful final thesis than doing some hands-on work – especially at a place like Henkel, where we offer such a wide range of activities. Henkel therefore extends a warm welcome to those who want to seize the opportunity to achieve outstanding results and we look forward to co-operating with you on your final thesis.

Ideally, you will have been acquainted with our company during a previous internship and will have already established that you fit in well. In any event, you should apply to us with your proposal well in advance (at least three to four months).

Beneficial for you. And for Henkel.
Make sure to clarify what themes and topics are of particular interest to you and explain how your work may be of interest to Henkel. Preferably, you will make reference to our fields of activity.

Whether you’re doing a masters or a PhD thesis, the clearer you make your specialization, your particular interests and your goals, the likelier it is that your future mentor will be convinced by your proposal. Ensure that your enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit and passion shine through, so that we can do everything in our power to ensure that you achieve your goals.