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Clynol is the boutique brand that's shaped by stylists. From the way we work to the products and services we create, everything flows from this collective spirit.

We're a neat, agile, boutique brand built around the exact needs of independent hairdressers.  Our true essence is summed up in our working ethos - Shaped by Stylists. These three little words capture our collective attitude and guide everything we do.

Color: When it comes to irresistible color and high performance you can count on our ranges – Viton S, Go Blonde, Brilliance, Color Shine.

Form: To help you form and perform we offer professional perming.

Essential Care: Our core range cares about your hair in four ways – Moisture, Color+Care, Repair and Hair Expert.

Target Care:With specialist products that capture key trends we help you continually target and win new customers.

Essential Style: Our styling range is split into 3 subranges by function – Shape, Texture and Finish.