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Interview with Anne, University of Maastricht

Which important tasks we are distracting you from with this interview?
Right now I am preparing the launch of a new online activity on www.weisserriese.de. This is one of the major projects that I assume sole responsibility for. Based on the overall idea to boost sales of our Weißer Riese Color products, I contacted our Internet agency and developed an online concept with them to trigger our customers’ interest in Color products. Due to the fact that the site will be published next week, I am quite busy coordinating things with our internet agency, the advertising agency and cooperating partners, who provide incentives to the customer within the scope of this new online activity.

Tell us what surprised you the most about your internship?
I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and ambition of my colleagues. The job is quite involving and demanding, nonetheless you can tell that people here at Henkel love what they do. Although you are only one person among 5000 people working at Henkel Düsseldorf, you feel like part of a family, because the working atmosphere is very friendly and open-hearted.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I ask you about “the Henkelaner”?
Henkelaner are very open-minded and friendly. To me Henkelaner are extraordinarily helpful and fair people, which make them good team players. Moreover, they do not belong to one nationality, but reflect a very diverse mentality and international culture.

Besides the job itself, what do you value that Henkel offers its interns?
At first, it’s great to be part of an intern group comprising around 500 interns in Düsseldorf per year. During the intern lunches twice a week, you easily get into contact with other students. This way you meet people from around the globe, since the interns are quite diverse and international. Furthermore, intern-specific activities are organized by Henkel, like Henkel-tours, after-work pub-crawls or city-specific events, which you can register for on the intranet or the Henkel Facebook group.

How was your development during your internship – who or what influenced it?
I improved my practical knowledge and professional skills a lot. In addition to being in direct contact with our agencies and being involved in internal and external meetings, this was mainly driven by my supervisors. I was integrated into the daily business and my mentors showed an interest in me as a person, willing to support my personal goals. The fact that I had my own projects set within the scope of the Target Dialogue* challenged my problem-solving, analytical and time management skills. I was able to participate in trainings on certain programs and analysis tools employed by Henkel.

Would you do it again?
Yes, of course! The experience and valuable knowledge I gained helped me a lot with regard to developing my professional skills and deciding about my future career path. Last but not least, it was a great networking opportunity within which I obtained many industry contacts.