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Interview with Justus, Munich Business School

Which important tasks we are distracting you from with this interview?
Currently, I am doing an internship in the Group Strategy Unit at the CEO office of Henkel. The department thinks of Henkel’s strategic choices of tomorrow while keeping the focus on reaching the 2012 targets.

Tell us what surprised you the most about your internship?
My supervisors introduced me to all of the topics during my job interviews, so I had a good idea of what to expect. The really open-minded and proactive culture of Henkel surprised me most. If you have a question, everyone is more than willing to help you and to explain things in detail. Additionally, it is somehow expected and appreciated if you yourself take initiative.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when I ask you about the people at Henkel?
For me personally, “Henkel” stands for a spirit or a feeling. During lunch break you see all the employees, then you recognize the size and scope of Henkel. This gives you a special feeling of belonging to Henkel. I would not necessarily use the word “family,” but strong community commitment would definitely best describe the spirit of this company.

Besides the job itself, what do you value that Henkel offers its interns?
Besides the interesting work, Henkel has a really active intern community, which makes it easy to get in touch with other interns. For instance, you have two intern lunches per week. Furthermore, there are a remarkable number of recreational activities offered to Henkel employees - I played soccer with my Henkel colleagues against other companies. This was really nice and fun.

How was your development during your internship – who or what influenced it?
I think that the most important way that I grew was a result of being put in a new situation and learning how to handle it as far as communication, time pressure etc. Of course, my direct supervisors mainly drove this procedure. It is really nice that every intern has an individual project during his/her internship at Henkel. This gives you the opportunity to experience a project in a working environment with your own responsibility. Plus, I am learning how to develop my own approach to work.

Would you do it again?
Definitely yes! The internship experience at Henkel is great. The work itself and the excellent working atmosphere, combined with the extraordinary opportunities to meet new and interesting people and to gain insight into a lot of different topics have convinced me 100%.