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Interview with Nadine, FU Berlin

Which important tasks we are distracting you from with this interview?
Currently I’m working on a trade presentation for a new shade collection.
The presentation will be used in all countries where we are going to launch this product and will be presented there. Therefore it has to look professional and contain all of the information that is important.

Tell us what surprised you the most about your internship?
My biggest surprise was how much responsibility I was given. My tasks had nothing to do with copying or brewing coffee, but with being deeply involved in the process of developing and launching new products. I almost felt like I was a brand manager myself, not just an intern.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when I ask you about the people at Henkel?
When I think about the people working at Henkel the first thing that comes to mind is “team spirit”. Especially when I think about the team I am a part of. I am always amazed by how supportive, friendly and understanding everybody is. It’s a great atmosphere to work in.

Besides the job itself, what do you value that Henkel offers its interns?
The thing I value the most is the support Henkel offers its interns. For example, the support interns receive to go abroad. I myself will go to England next month for another internship at Henkel and I am already looking forward to the new challenge.

How was your development during your internship – who or what influenced it?
I would say that I learned a lot. During my internship, I not only learned about the actual marketing processes, but I also grew as a person because of all the challenges I was given and the support of my team and my mentor. I’m very grateful for that.

Would you do it again?