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Interview with Nina, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster

Which important tasks we are distracting you from with this interview?
I have already finished my internship. So I am going back to pursue my master’s degree in Business Administration with a major in marketing and minor in management at the University of Muenster.

Tell us what surprised you the most about your internship?
Right from the beginning, I was treated as an equal team member and I got valuable support in all matters. Wherever applicable, I joined meetings and was involved in multiple projects, because my team and especially my mentor Christina always wanted to maximize the personal benefits I got from this internship.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when I ask you about the people at Henkel?
I got to know Henkel employees as helpful and open-minded people. They are characterized by diversity and the common aim of steady improvement – of their company, their specific brand and their personal skills, combined with the focus on innovation.

Besides the job itself, what do you value that Henkel offers its interns?
I really like that Henkel offers several activities to their interns: You have the opportunity to get to know other departments during job presentations, or to participate in the “Henkel Tour” to discover “Henkel City..” Furthermore, there are weekly events where you can connect with other interns at Henkel. On Facebook, there is an active community with Henkel interns from all over the world.

How was your development during your internship – who or what influenced it?
After a short introduction phase, I started to manage my own projects right away. The mutual confidence led to a perfect balance of working independently while at the same time always being able to get support from my team if necessary. Being challenged was another decisive aspect of my improvement, and resulted in an increasing number of tasks and responsibilities. My main project was developing new designs for the current German Diadermine portfolio, which included the coordination of the whole process till launch and close cooperation with the involved departments and agencies. The great advantage of this project is that I will see “my designs” on the shelves at the retailer next year – and I am really looking forward to that.

Would you do it again?
Yes, of course. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve had great experiences. My team was very supportive and I got highly interesting insights into the daily work of a marketing department at Henkel.