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AccelerateHER: Women in tech

AccelerateHER was born out of Founders Forum in June 2016 when the founders decided to stop talking about the underrepresentation of women in tech and DO something about it. The mission is to champion and support women working in technology and to break down the barriers that deter women from entering the sector. It isn't just the right thing to do for women and girls, it is an economic imperative.

Henkelx is proud to be a founding partner and support the mission of accelerateHER. Achieving gender parity has never been more important than in this pivotal time of humanity being affected by emerging technologies, new ways of working and evolving ecosystems. Men and women together can lead the change – this is our conviction, this is what we want to achieve.

AccelerateHER strives to achieve the following:

  • Contribute meaningfully to best practice in diversity in tech by creating a centre of excellence
  • Built a coalition of thought leaders driving change – Male Champions of Change with implemented measurable success
  • Provide clear guidance on best practice to 1,000 tech companies in our network
  • Built an online knowledge hub and ecosystem providing information to and connecting women in technology and those supporting them
  • Support female founders by providing networking opportunities and exposure across accelerateHER events and communications and Founders Forum events around the world