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Henkel X offers an open innovation platform integrating a strong, diverse network of partners and experts sharing knowledge, views and ideas.

The Henkel X Mentorship Club 

The Henkel X Mentorship Club is a global initiative made up of individuals committed to shaping a sustainable industrial and retail landscape. The Mentorship Club is both a physical and digital resource that will energize customer and consumer experience and entrepreneurial ideas – sparking a culture of innovation within the network of trusted partners. The members of the Henkel X Mentorship Club are the brightest minds in entrepreneurship and industrial thought leadership – with diverse backgrounds.

The Mentorship Days offer a unique chance for our internal colleagues to discuss the entrepreneurial ideas with these mentors, get their advice on a current business challenge or exchange on any other digital topic that they are currently facing.



1:23 min.

  • Introducing our Mentors
  • Our Mentors

Adam Levene, Hero; Adam Ross, Goldcrest VC; Ahmed Husain, Lombard Odier Investment Managers; Alan Greenberg, CBDO WideCells Group PLC; Alex Johnston, Freuds; Alex Pesch, Fathom Computing; Alexander Felsenberg, Capita; Alexander Karp, Palantir; Amber Caska, Hillspire LLC; Andrea Pederzolli, Presso Principia SGR; Andy Gray, Kortical; Anthony Ackenhoff, Yoto; Anthony Saccon, H-FARM; Antoine Blondeau, Alpha Intelligence Capital; Augusto Pellarini, Deutsche Telekom; Babak Razi, Third Wave Ventures; Bassel El Koussa, Quiqup; Bastian Unterberg, Jovoto Open Innovation; Bibop Gresta, Hyperloop Transportation; Bobby Simms, WEAVE PROJECTS LTD; Bruno - Roland Bernard, Yoox Net A Porter; Dr. Caren Genthner, Amrod Corporate; Cedric Bru, Taulia; Christian Anting, TVN Media Group; Prof. Christian Stummeyer, Technical University of Ingolstadt (THI); Christian Von Reventlow, Deutsche Telekom; Daniela Caserotto, Area 1 Cybersecurity; David Hunter, Optimal Labs; David Libertalis, Visii; Debora Koyama, Mondelez; Dr. Dominik Matyka, Cavalry Ventures & Dmexco; Ekaterina Almasque, Open Ocean; Elie Girard, Atos; Fabian Kienbaum, Kienbaum Consultants International GmbH; Felix Haas, Idnow, Amiando, TiberiumSun; Filippo Catalano, Nestlé; Florian Heinemann, Project A Ventures; Frank Meehan, SmartUp; Geoff Ramsey, eMarketer; Ger O'Meara, Spirable; Haisong Tang, SprillHill; Harald Melwisch; Harald Neidhardt, Futur/io Institute; Howard Marks, StartEngine; Ibrahim Gokcen, Schneider Electric; Ines von Jagemann, Tchibo; Ivan Mazour, Ometria; James Kugler, Merck Group; James Montgomery, March Capital; Jean Schmitt, Jolt Capital; Jennifer L. Schenker, The Innovator; Jens Dreisewerd, Beekeeper; Jeremy Basset, Co-Cubed; Jeremy King, Attest; Jeremy Sanders, Coco di Mama; Jeroen van Weesep, Lego Group; Jessica Peppel-Schulz, UDG United Digital Group; Jin Choi, Facebook; Joe Turner, August; Joerg Hellwig, Lanxess; Jörg Rheinboldt, Axel Springer Plug and Play; John Paton, IVA Ventures, BM Prisa, Guardian Media Group & El País; Jon Folland, OnFrame; Jonathan Goodwin, Founders Forum & Founder at Lepe Partners; Jonathan Hay, Delin Ventures; Joyeeta Das, Gyana; Julia von Winterfeldt, AKQA, SOULWORX; Kannan Paul, Principa; Karim Jalbout, Egon Zehnder; Kayvan Nikjou, KI Group; Klaus Rainer Kirchhoff, Kirchhoff Consult AG, CorpCom & IPO consulting firms; Lars Zimmermann, Axel Springer, hy GmbH; Loic Le Meur, Leade.rs; Lonnie Rae Kurlander, Medal; Luca Giustiniano, LUISS Guido Carli University; Maks Giordano, Kreait Digital Transformation; Marc Sasserath, SM+, SK Plus; Marc Schmitt, Evertracker; Mario Imparato, Persado; Mark Schmitz, Partner Lakestar; Martin Ott, Facebook; Martin Wild, Media Markt Saturn Retail Group; Massimo Della Ragione, Goldman Sachs Europe; Massimo Redaelli, Prima; Matt Lodder, R/GA EMEA; Matthias Schmidt-Pfitzner, McKinsey; Maurizio Rossi, H-FARM; Michael Müller, Müller Lila-Logistik; Mirco Lange, Edeka; Nadine Bruder, YES BRAND PLEASE; Ned Cranborne, Samos Investments; Nicola Breyer, PayPal; Nicole Schepanek, Aureus Advisory; Niklas Frings-Rupp, Miami Ad School Europe; Oday Abbosh, Ora; Oliver Janik, DDB Group Germany; Oliver Muhr, Starmind; Olivier Schuepbach, Partech; Omar Abbosh, Accenture; Pascal Finette, Fastrack Institute & Singularity University; Patrick Ghali, Sussex Partners; Patrick Graf von Faber-Castell, TACSY GmbH; Paul Ayres, Whisper Media Group; Paul Bohm, October; Paul Breitenbach, R4 Technologies; Paul Daugherty, Accenture; Pep Gubau, BigFinite Research; Peter Borchers, Allianz x, hub:raum; Philipp Karmires, The Linde Group; Polly Sumner, Salesforce; Poppy Gaye, Founders AccelerateHer; Raimund Bau, So1; Riccardo Zacconi, King Digital Entertainment; Rob Chapman, Founders Intelligence; Robert Walters, Robert Walters; Robin Eric Haak, SmartRecruiters; Prof. Roger Lehman, INSEAD’s Singapore campus; Ros Lawler, Tate; Safiya Karsan, StreetBees; Sascha Martini, R/GA; Shyam Sankar, Palantir; Sigismund von Habsburg, HA Group; Slaven Mandic, Wayne Parker Kent; Stanton Sugarman, Salesforce; Stefan Magel, REWE Group; Stefan Stroh, Deutsche Bahn; Stephan Balzer, red onion; Dr. Steven Althaus, Credit Suisse; Sven Deutschmann, Sonopress, Bertelsmann; Sven Strohband, Khosla Ventures; Thomas de Buhr, Twitter; Till Behnke, Nebenan.de; Tobias Schlösser, Sparkassen Finanz Portal; Toby Darbyshire, Heist Studios; Torsten Jensen, Ernst & Young; Torsten Kreindl, Hays plc; Tosson El Noshokaty, Prophet; Uli Schmitz, Axel Springer Digital Ventures; Ulrike Handel, Dentsu Aegis; Vanessa Gstettenbauer, Partech; Verena Bahlsen, Hermanns; Veronique Sabbah, Societe Generale; Wenda Harris Millard, Medialink; Werner Bahlsen, Bahlsen; Wilhelm Oehl, Eight Inc.

was defined as the use of purposive inflows of external knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use of innovation,  respectively.

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Institute of Entrepreneurship

Henkel has many partnerships to universities all around the world.
With our "Institute of Entrepreneurship" we have established a partnership program to educate entrepreneurial leaders and to support entrepreneurial projects that are developing within the Henkel X ecosystem, consisting of three streams:

  1. Active teaching partner e.g. guest lectures, case studies and student assignments
  2. Working with students on placements and student projects also delivering experts and advise on the entrepreneurial activities that grow within the partner universities
  3. Creating entrepreneurial ideas that grow in the student community with advise, expertise, network introductions and - through our venture arm – even with funds

Our ambition is not just to transform Henkel but be part of changing the world together and continuously consider next generation mindset and thinking.

The role out of this new program is ongoing.


Henkel X Ecosystem Partnerships

World Economic Forum

Rahmyn Kress is part of the World Economic Forum's Steering Group for the Digital Platforms and Ecosystems initiative. The initiative brings together global representatives from corporations and start-ups as well as academia and government, policy-makers and policy-shapers, who share an interest in how digital platforms operate, how corporations are looking to set up digital businesses and engage in ecosystems, as well as understanding the complexities related to trust and governance surrounding digital platforms and ecosystems.

The project community comprises a cross-functional, cross-sector team of leaders from around the world who collaborate on creating practical frameworks, blueprints, best practices and case studies to help business leaders and policy makers develop effective strategies for stimulating new growth and value.

measures the extent to which a consumer  has a meaningful brand interaction when exposed to commercial advertising or other other experiences (e.g. shares, likes and comments for social media engage- ment)

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Founders Forum

Henkel X partners up with Founders Forum, a private network of leading digital entrepreneurs, corporate executives and investors.

Henkel was anchor partner of the first Founders Forum in Germany "Founders Forum x Industry" in November 2018 where about 300 founders, venture investors, industrialists, executives, politicians came together in Düsseldorf to engage in an open debate, brainstorming and problem solving.

The agenda focuses on the latest breakthroughs in industrial manufacturing tech, including industrial robotics, AI, blockchain, distributed manufacturing and sustainability innovation.

A blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and the collusion of the network.

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3:34 min.


Founders Forum event in partnership with Henkel

November 7th and 8th, Düsseldorf

An intersection of founders, venture investors, industrialists, executives and politicians, the first-ever Founders Forum event in partnership with Henkel took place in Düsseldorf on November 7th and 8th. With a focus on the future of industrial technology, across the two days the hand-selected participants both listened and learned, exchanging ideas on topics ranging from robotics to blockchain to the digitalisation of beer. Made possible by a host of industry leaders including Accenture, Uber, Vodafone, Tesla, the Financial Times and Facebook Business, the overarching takeaway from the two days came from Brent Hoberman, the co-creator of Founders Forum, who articulated that “Startups have learned discipline from industrial companies. And now it is time for industrial companies to learn creative chaos from startups.” The purpose of the forum was to bring together a constellation of voices and experiences and to be reminded that digital transformation is about much more than just technology.


Henkel X is founding partner and sponsor of accelerateHer, an organization addressing underrepresentation of women in technology. accelerateHer’s mission is to champion and support women working in technology and to break down the barriers that deter women from entering the sector.

The exclusive global network engages with like-minded leader named Male Champion of Change who step up beside women to accelerate diversity programs, foster best practices and gather at exclusive events back to back with the Founders Forum events. Rahmyn Kress is among those Male Champions of Change.



2:10 min.




Henkel X and UnternehmerTUM enter an open innovation collaboration. UnternehmerTUM provides founders and start-ups a complete service, from the initial idea all the way to IPO. Henkel X will offer entrepreneurs from the UnternehmerTUM network to gain experience with real business challenges and provide start-ups the stage of the established Show&Tell events. Entrepreneurs can pitch their solutions to the Henkel X ecosystem, consisting of its industry partners as well as Henkel`s own business product portfolio.

This engagement will also further strengthen the collaboration of Henkel and UnternehmerTUM’s MakerSpace, a high-tech workshop that provides entrepreneurs with the infrastructure to build prototypes fast. Henkel supports the MakerSpace since 2018 and provides hardware and training to students as well as MakerSpace members.

UnternehmerTUM (Logo)

UnternehmerTUM offers founders and start-ups a complete service, from the initial idea all the way to initial public offering (IPO). A team of experienced entrepreneurs, scientists and managers supports founders with the development of their products, services and business models. The experts accompany them actively with building up their companies, market entry and financing – also via Venture Capital.

The German Startups Association

Driving transformation through a vibrant ecosystem is our core belief. That is why our open innovation platform Henkel X has joined the Bundesverband Deutsche Startups (German Startups Association) as a supporting member. The association is bringing together 700 start-ups from various sectors with over 50 corporate members and business angels to create synergies. “We are very excited to be part of this group and extend Henkel’s digital ecosystem,” says Dr. Rahmyn Kress, CDO of Henkel and founder of Henkel X.

is a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes or technologies are developed. In personal computing, a platform is the basic hardware (computer) and software (operating system) on which software applications can be run.

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The German Startups Association Logo
The German Startups Association

The German Startups Association was founded in 2012 and is the representative of startups in Germany with headquarters in Berlin. They are bringing together more than 700 startups from various sectors and in all stages and over 50 corporate members and business angels to create synergies between old and new economy. Their aim is to advise on legislation, connect founders, startups, and investors to create a broad network within an entrepreneurial friendly environment.