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Sep 12, 2018

Henkel X Mentor

Andreas Winiarski

  • Earlybird Ventures
  • Key focus areas: business models; trend watching; ecosystem; VC; ecommerce

Andreas is a partner at Earlybird Ventures, a leading European Venture Capital firm based out of Berlin Germany with approximately $1billion assets under management. At Earlybird, his focus areas of investments are strategy, media, and IOT, and he is part of the Digital Strategies team. In May 2017, he received an award as one of the top 10 investors in Germany as nominated by the newspaper “Die Welt”.

Prior to Earlybird: He was managing director and SVP of Rocket Internet, a leading European company builder and venture investor and a Digital Coordinator at Axel Springer, a leading European media house. He is a serial entrepreneur, having found several companies including The Wednestech Club, a leading community for digital leaders in Berlin. The club is invitation only and monthly they invite and connect around 30 founders, managers and politicians to discuss the effects of digitization on management, business, education, politics and society. He regularly consults the German government on a wide range of digital topics. Growing up he wanted to become a bus driver or a teacher.

is an organizational structure (aka startup factory, startup foundry, venture builder) that aims at building several companies in succession. In comparison to incubators, company builder are playing an active (not a supportive role) in scaling startups (e.g. team building, funding, assetsharing, etc.).

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