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Oct 2, 2018

Henkel X Mentor

Nicola Breyer

  • PayPal
  • Key focus areas: ecommerce; business models; ecosystems; trend watching; CRM; culture; new ways of working

Nicola is Head of Commercial Growth Strategy and & Transformation at PayPal in the Core Markets organisation (NA, UK, DEATCH, AU). She creates future growth and revenue models for PayPal and helps the company transform for its next phase of growth and development. She is also Chief of Staff for the DEATCH region.

Nicola started her career by building online businesses 20 years ago when people consistently said that "no one will ever use a credit card on the internet", focussing on online financial services (mortgages, credit cards) and e-tail. She brought start-ups and corporates together in venture capital in the early 2000s and was MD of one of the first "digital" agencies.

After the dotcom crash, she created new products, global market entries and consumer strategies for global drink companies. She has been COO for Corporate Ventures and Start-Ups and prior to her position at PayPal, was Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of #openspace GmbH, a spin-off of Commerzbank, which works with traditional industrial mid- to large cap companies on their digital transformation through the creation of new business models, the build-up of internal talent and the creation of strong ecosystems.

Nicola is an active alumna of ESCP Europe, where is is a mentor and guest speaker at the Entrepreneurship school. She is an advisor to PANDA, the Female Leadership Contest, as well as on the board on a number of social entrepreneurship startups.

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