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Oct 2, 2018

Henkel X Mentor

Stefan Magel

  • Penny Markt GmbH (REWE Beteiligungs-Holding Aktiengesellschaft)
  • Key focus areas: ecommerce, business models; culture; new ways of working; marketing

Stefan started his career in controlling and held various leading positions in international retail companies. He started as Controller at real,- SB Warenhaus Holding for several years. Afterwards he was appointed as the CEO at Castorama Deutschland and was Member of the Supervisory Board of Virtuelle Baumarkt AG for one year. After being Senior Vice President for Marketing at Globus SB-Warenhaus for 5 years he joined REWE Group in 2009 where he was CEO of toom Baumarkt.

Today he is a member of the board for operations and marketing for Penny Markt GMBH a division of the Rewe Group and was recently appointed as COO of Penny Markt. Stefan holds a diploma in Marketing and Communication and studied at Hochschule Würzburg.

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