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Interactive events and formats fostering collaboration and innovation.

Show & Tell


Show & Tell

1:23 Min.


These live events, which take place once a month at Henkel, are offering selected start-ups the opportunity to present innovative technologies that might be able to support Henkel's digital growth objectives. The events cover a broad range of topics that provide teams from all of Henkel´s business units and functions with insights into new ways of serving customers and consumers and further digitizing our processes. In a creative atmosphere, Henkel employees meet leading start-up founders – to exchange, network, develop new ideas, and discuss future project.

Let’s innovate together! 

31 Oct 10.00 - 11.30 CET

Shanghai / China

Henkel X Show & Tell: Start-up events

Fireside Chats 

Fireside Chats are moderated roundtables about digitally relevant topics with industry experts, e.g. a discussion about the future of brands. As digital developments have impacted brand building and brand management heavily over the past decade and “indie brands” now represent a new breed of entrepreneurs that are progressive, creative and not afraid to rewrite the rules of traditional business, we discussed this with different guests. We usually include an internal Henkel expert and bring in external speakers, such as start-up founders. The aim is to create an open mindset, broaden the horizons and to get insights from a broad mix of people: entrepreneurs, corporate managers, futurists, founders, etc.


Digital briefings focus on one specific topic that is explained by one external and one internal expert. With these events we aim to further capitalize on industry expertise and substantially distinguish Henkel as an anchor for collaborative commerce. Past topics have been e.g. logistics and e-commerce. Future topics will be Artificial Intelligence in the fields of finance as well as Open Innovation. Whereas our Fireside Chats focus more on a diverse and open exchange, Digital Briefing is rather designed to give compresses input into one topic and foster the knowledge.