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Overview Start-ups

Companies already presented at Henkel X Show & Tell

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Augment is an AR start-up that allows customers to visualise what products will look like e.g. in their home or at POS. Their solution helps sales reps to visualize displays / shelfs to customers. Different product and experience offer is to show prototypes and marketing material in 3D. They have B2B and B2C use cases.



BigchainDB allows developers and enterprise to deploy blockchain proof-of-concepts, platforms and applications with a blockchain database, supporting a wide range of industries and use cases. With high throughput, low latency, powerful query functionality, decentralized control, immutable data storage and built-in asset support, BigchainDB is like a database with blockchain characteristics.



Bringg is a delivery tracking logistics platform that helps companies achieve logistical excellence through a winning combination of perfect customer experiences and streamlined delivery operations. The platform keeps a continuous focus on their customers, all the way to the end-customer.



Evrythng is a unique IoT platform-as-a-service that offers digital identity and data management. Throughout the product lifecycle the paltform delivers information e.g. for traceability, inventory management and consumer engagement.



Founded in Berlin in 2011 as a community for mobile photography, EyeEm grew to become the world’s number one platform for creative and authentic visuals.
The unique ecosystem connects brands and agencies with 22+ Million photographers through its app, offers access to a marketplace of 120+ Million world class images.


Geek +

Geek + focuses on logistics and warehousing by applying advanced robotics and AI technologies. With its picking, moving, sorting and storage retrieval systems, the company provides flexible automation and quick reaction capabilities to warehouse logistics.



GLOV Hydro Demaquillage is a innovative and patented product line which offers innovative skincare fibers that remove makeup with water only! The products offer a brand new way for make-up removal, using NO cotton, NO chemical! With the poser of advanced micro-technology, GLOV takes away entire make-up, even mascara only with water.



Iris is an Artificial Intelligence solution that starts out as a Science Assistant: helping you find the science and concepts you need. Over time the platform will learn, slowly but surely becoming a scientist itself.



Jovoto’s platform promises mass collaboration that can lead to fresh ideas for - product design - marketing campaigns and - creation of innovative business scenarios of the future.



Nyris focuses on visual product search and provides a state-of-the art image and object recognition engine using Artificial Intelligence frameworks. Their proprietary platform takes every step into account, from product data management until delivery of the final result in a format that customers can use in their shop.



Onefootball is a global football community that connects 20 million football fans in over 200 countries. The company has a ton of data on users who have some of the highest engagement rates of any audiences. Their solution has proven to significantly improve conversion and engagement and they have some amazing data points post World Cup.



PARKLU lets you see which voices will share your story most effectively with the right influencers for your brand in China. The influencer marketing platform helps make your KOL engagement easy and by that successfully completes a clients’ campaign.


Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp. is an innovative start-up that is realizing a unique vision at the intersection of tech and beauty. The suite of AR beauty apps merges high-tech virtual and mobile platforms with a passion for makeup and beauty.

www.perfect corp.com


Previse’s technology enables to safely offer your suppliers the opportunity to be paid the instant. Payment can be done when receiving their invoice, or even when they accept the purchase order. Once you receive an invoice (or your supplier accepts a purchase order) Previse’s technology steps in. It uses hundreds of millions of data points to create an independent score of your likelihood to pay for each transaction.


Productive Mobile

Productive Mobile is the leading platform to deliver consumer-grade software to your employees.
Their Digital Ergonomics Platform is the first platform to help companies simplify, streamline and improve the usability of the applications their employees use every day, from HR to production, from approvals to asset management.



With Riviter, is not only revolutionizing visual search: they are doing it in an easy and effortless way. You don’t need to worry about complicated source code integratio. There is no need for IT integration, and you don’t need to share private customer data. With just a simple HTML snippet you can deliver powerfully relevant visual search results to your customers. You’ll be supported by a passionate and dedicated customer support team each step of the way.



Sampler offers end-to-end digital product sampling solution for brands and agencies. They give brands access to millions of consumer profiles and Partner with 3rd party online communities or direct brand channel usage. To claim product samples, consumers fill out an extended profile which makes targeting on specific attributes seamless.



Automates content design in accordance to user behavior, thus being 100% focused on delivering the best user experience possible. They help e-comm businesses automatically design and implement shoppable content. Styla is a content commerce suite that automatically designs your content and makes it shoppable, inspiring your customers to buy more. The underlying automation technology designs content in real-time and enhances the user experience on every device.



Tidal’s influencer platform allows your brand to centrally manage your valuable relationships in a private owned network. Activate your network, automatically, to generate great content for your brand, at scale.



Uberall is one of Europe’s leading Location Marketing SaaS platforms. The software helps business with lots of store/service locations, or brands that sell through these businesses, create a better brand experience and generate more footfall. They do this by making them visible to consumers who increasingly use their phones to research and take purchasing decisions. Schwarzkopf is one such brand they are working with.



Vidsy offers two solutions: 1) Its tech platform supports everything: from briefing, to production and insights. It cuts admin tasks and instead gives the user more time to create videos that connect with people! 2) Vidsy’s Creator Network allows for talented & diverse creator community collaboration and helps produce exciting stories through video.