Jun 11, 2013  Düsseldorf / Germany

Teroson PU 8590 LD – the new high-performance adhesive for omnibus construction

A sustainable PUR innovation

Thanks to its low density, the new high-performance elastic adhesive Teroson PU 8590 LD for direct glazing and assembly work in vehicle construction enables manufacturers to achieve a significant reduction in vehicle weight. The use of the new PUR adhesive from Henkel in the production and repair shop thus helps to cut emissions and save fuel.

New products keep revolutionizing vehicle construction: In addition to more efficient engines, advances in the smaller constituents of a vehicle also play their part in reaching fuel-saving and emission-reduction goals. The new high-performance PUR adhesive from Henkel, Teroson PU 8590 Low Density is significantly lighter than its predecessor, weighing just 1.0 gram per milliliter. By using it for elastic bonding it is possible to achieve a substantial reduction in the overall weight of a vehicle. In a bus, for example, which normally incorporates around 250 kilograms of adhesive, up to 56 kilograms – or 20 percent – of that weight can be saved. This weight reduction has a positive impact not only on fuel consumption but also on the exhaust emissions of the vehicle.

Free from health-hazardous substances and more resistant to UV

The polyurethane-based adhesive contains no health-hazardous substances or organic solvents. As a result, Teroson PU 8590 LD requires no R40 labeling. This assures a high level of worker safety. The highly viscous, pumpable adhesive-sealant cures by reacting with atmospheric moisture to form a rubbery-elastic material. The skin formation and curing times depend on the relative humidity, the temperature and the depth of the joint.

The product also shows improved performance beyond its weight-reducing qualities. Its optimized resistance to UV radiation minimizes degradation and the occurrence of unsightly black streaks (carbon black run-off) on bus walls.

Thanks to its chemical properties, Teroson PU 8590 LD can be easily smoothed and shows a continuous, even and fine-grained surface after curing.

One-component adhesive-sealant for multiple uses

The sustainable solution from Henkel can be used to glaze windshields, rear and side windows in buses, car, trucks, forklifts and special vehicles, as well as rail cars and even yachts. Because of its high viscosity and sag resistance, it will fix even large and heavy windows in place while curing. Teroson PU 8590 LD is also suitable for filling gaps between glazed panes and metal frames and to bond wall segments or interior elements. The product thus covers a broad spectrum of applications with a variety of materials.

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Teroson PU 8590 LD is suitable not only for glazing of window panes but also for bonding roof, floor and wall segments in a vehicle.

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