May 15, 2014  Mississauga, ON

Henkel Announces Opening of New Adhesives Centre of Excellence in Canada

Henkel announced today the grand opening of its new Canadian Lab and Customer Experience Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, for Packaging and Consumer Goods. The facility will serve as a centre of excellence for testing and validation of adhesive applications in the market segments in which Henkel participates. In addition, this centre will provide an extension of Henkel’s North American technical footprint, enhancing response speed and service to Canadian customers.  

Henkel Canada will host a grand opening event for customers and invited guests to tour its new lab on May 15, 2014. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with Henkel’s North American and Canadian leadership teams to learn more about Henkel’s commitment to its customers in Canada. The event will also feature an Innovation Fair to introduce some exciting innovations and to review the company’s commitment to current global market trends, such as food safety and sustainability.

  “The Canadian market has always been critical to Henkel’s global leadership position. This expansion of our technical capabilities in Canada will enable us to quickly respond to ever-changing market and customer conditions, allowing us to more effectively meet their needs,” said Patrick Kivits, Corporate Vice President, Henkel Packaging and Consumer Goods North America. “I am very excited to participate in this grand opening event which will allow our leadership team to interact directly with our Canadian customers and gain further insights into how Henkel can help them solve critical challenges and grow their business.”

Early feedback from customers has been positive. "Henkel has been a key partner of SupremeX for many years and we are excited to see them making an investment that demonstrates their commitment to Canada,” said Kevin Raaphorst, Operations Manager at SupremeX Inc. “This new centre will help us to actively engage with Henkel technical experts locally to help us in implementing the best adhesive solutions for our application needs.”

“Henkel is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to its global customers,” said John Rye, Vice President of Henkel Consumer Packaging. “We have listened to our Canadian customers, and I am excited to not only increase our lab testing capability, but also for the opportunities to use this centre to train customers in the effective use of adhesive products and application equipment in a unique interactive environment.”

Charles Babecki, Ingrid Gagne, Katie Guy, Steve Rice get ready to start event

John Rye and Luc Choquette share a laugh before the celebration begins

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The AI Canada Lab and Bridgewater Technical Team

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