Feb 20, 2015   Scottsdale, Ariz.

NEW göt2b all-star Perfecting Cream

the true game-changer for all-in-1 styling

Change your hair game and go the distance everyday with new göt2b all-star Perfecting Cream!

An all-in-1 styling cream with 10 benefits that whip your hair into shape in one quick, easy step. An optimized blend of Panthenol and positively charged conditioners rebuild the hair structure with a combination of emollient, anti-static and film-forming polymers to envelope the hair and protect it from environmental damage. Put up the ultimate defence against common breakage with an added boost of nourishing Marula Oil for incredible shine and a long lasting, hot-shot, style!

win with 10 benefits:

  • shape
  • smoothes
  • calms
  • anti-frizz
  • suppleness
  • boosts shine & luster
  • volume
  • multi-functional
  • shimmer
  • fullness

göt2b get your game on: work cream into towel-dried hair and style.

The göt2b all-star Perfecting Cream (Suggested Retail Price: $5.99) will be available beginning February 2015 at participating Walmart and Walgreens locations.