Jun 11, 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel’s presence at SchäferRolls’ We Tiss You! Conference

Henkel solidifies close working relationship with SchäferRolls

Claudia Freund-Wolf, Technical Customer Support Representative, and Benedikt Figura, Marketing Manager from Henkel Adhesives Technologies shared insights into Henkel’s latest product innovations on 22nd April at the two-day conference ‘We Tiss You!’ hosted by SchäferRolls in Stuttgart, Germany. Attendees lauded We Tiss You!’s success as it fulfilled its goal to provide a platform for view exchange amongst experts and major industry players.

SchäferRolls is a leading name in the tissue industry at home and abroad, with a reputation to match for its precision and technical expertise in roll covers and systems. It kick-started the conference with the key facts for roll covers in tissue converting plants by Sales Engineer Andreas Beck. Stefano Spinelli from Paper Converting Machine Company Italia Spa then touched on product value generation through their latest innovation in “Tissue Embossing and Laminating Technology”.

Benedikt Figura and Claudia Freund-Wolf presented Henkel’s latest innovation in the field of additives – Aquence FiberPlus – that responds to an important and growing market trend. Figura shed light on the key market drivers for tissue products:

  1. Major trend towards ‘softness’ in tissue produce has become a standard customer requirement
  2. Increasing need for market differentiation of tissue paper products and properties
  3. Transferring the functional additives from the paper mill to the converting line for production benefits, including complexity reduction and consumer product flexibility.

Freund-Wolf explained the technical benefits of Henkel’s Aquence FiberPlus, which are:

  1. Softening and re-moisturizing agents reduce dust pollution in the laminating process, hence maximizing line speed and minimizing downtime
  2. Endless mix of softeners, fragrances and care components provides a wide array of on-the-line additives for product differentiation
  3. Softer, more voluminous and improved moisture retention of final product.

Aquence FiberPlus is part of an entire range of additives developed by Henkel: those serve as additional offering to the adhesive range from core-winding to tail-sealing applications.

Market leaders turned up for the conference, including both tissue converting companies and machinery manufacturers. The objective of the event was to facilitate the dialogue between suppliers and customers within the tissue converting industry. It covered market leader’s technological advancements, technical solutions and latest industry trends underlined by recent papers and consultancy projects.

The conference successfully mapped the current outlook and advancement of the tissue converting industry while giving recognition to the interdependence of members within the industry. Henkel’s involvement in the conference was a nod to its vital role in the tissue converting market while solidifying the close working relationship with SchäferRolls.

Benedikt Figura from Henkel Adhesives on key market drivers for tissue products.

Claudia Freund-Wolf, Henkel Adhesives Technical Customer Service representative, explained the technical benefits of Henkel’s Aquence FiberPlus.

A tour of SchäferRoll’s plant in Stuttgart, where they presented their innovative roll covers and systems.

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