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Thanks to Technomelt Cool together with specialised equipment

Fachpack 2015: Henkel counts on 360° approach to drive maximum efficiency of packaging lines

Producers of fast-moving consumer goods are in a constant state of combat – they have to respond to consumers’ rapidly changing preferences, their demand for sustainable and secure packaging and achieve maximum efficiency along the packaging line at the same time. At the Fachpack European Trade Show 2015 in Nuremberg (29 September to 1 October), Henkel experts will give insights into the company’s end-to-end 360° approach that integrates more than adhesive consumption measurement and optimisation. In addition, the world’s leading solution provider will present specialised equipment for easier adhesive handling, distribution and application – and all this to make operations more efficient and production sites an even safer place to work.

Holistic support – Henkel’s 360° expertise

For the best results, Henkel supports its clients along the entire value chain. “Providing intact and safe packaging is the ultimate goal for producers of fast-moving consumer goods. As the world’s largest adhesive company with the broadest technology range, we contribute to the constant fulfilment of our customers’ long-term success,” comments Magdalena Balazy, Marketing Manager Packaging and Labeling Adhesives at Henkel Adhesives Technologies.

Henkel consults holistically to drive efficiency at every phase of the packaging process and therefore offers a portfolio of six potential fields of improvement to its customers: 1) Sustainability – Since sustainability aspects are increasingly becoming a competitive advantage, all new Henkel products have to prove verifiable progress in defined sustainability categories before entering the market. 2) Best cost in use – For example, the use of adhesives, such as the Technomelt Cool line, offers tremendous processing and performance benefits and increases energy efficiency by up to 40 per cent. 3) Quality and safety – Food safety-certified adhesive solutions like Technomelt Supra 130 Cool support the principle of safe and healthy packaging for individuals all over the world. 4) Technical & analytical support – Henkel supports its customers with a team of specialist technicians and industry experts ready for on-site execution around the globe. The world’s leading solutions provider of adhesives profits from its own packaging expertise in the consumer goods business, as well as from the latest developments and worldwide leading OEMs and OMMs. 5) Occupational safety – Safe work conditions can be enhanced by implementing equipment such as central adhesive storage and feeding devices. Big bag stations, for example, carry heavy 450 to 550 kg bags and prevent employees from injuries caused by heavy lifting and bin refilling. 6) Expert training – Keeping the expertise of technical staff up to date is essential for every kind of industry. Henkel provides access to the latest research data and content about safe food packaging and efficient packaging operations in its technical training programme and safety portal (

Improved progress with Technomelt Cool range and efficiency enhancing equipment

Environmental concerns are fostering activities to create more sustainable packaging, which at the same time needs to meet economic requirements. Henkel’s low-temperature adhesives from the Technomelt Cool range increase energy efficiency by up to 40 per cent and offer up to 40% renewable content in formulation. In combination with automatic adhesive filling equipment major savings in water consumption or waste can be achieved. Beyond sustainability related benefits, automatic filling systems secure optimum tank levels and adhesive temperatures, free up line operators from the filling and monitoring task and enhance both efficiency and bonding quality. Closed and fully automatic adhesive all-in-one-application systems also contribute to minimising downtimes as nozzle clogging due to thermal shocks in the refilling process is avoided. Last but not least, the replacement of manual tank refilling by automated systems also reduces exposure of the line operators to hot adhesives, thus increasing working safety around the packaging line.

Meet the Henkel team at Fachpack 2015

From 29 September to 1 October 2015, Henkel industry experts will be available in Hall 2, Stand 327 to discuss tailor-made solutions for your packaging process.

Closed and fully automatic all-in-one adhesive application system such as Freedom from Nordson and Henkel

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