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Henkel Adhesives and Sealants

Efficient Sealing Systems in Fluid Technology

The market for high-performance fluid technology is growing all the time: hydraulic and pneumatic solutions are increasingly in demand in mechanical engineering. The integration of new materials and state-of-the-art electronics is creating ever more intelligent drive systems in fluid technology. At the same time, fluid technology manufacturers are facing the challenge of constantly increasing the reliability and efficiency of their products. The joining process of adhesion plays a significant role here. Under its Loctite, Bonderite, Technomelt and Teroson brands, Henkel offers a full portfolio of adhesives and sealants that cater to the market requirements.

Even the smallest of leaks in hydraulic and pneumatic systems can cause appalling damage, so protection against leaks is the top priority for fluid technology manufacturers. As well as displaying maximum reliability, pumps, engines, cylinders and valves need to impress with cost and energy efficiency. Modern, high-performance adhesives and sealants are the key to success, with a huge impact on the efficiency and cost structure in the production of hydraulic and pneumatic components. Be it for joining shaft-sleeve connections, threadlocking, thread sealing, structural adhesion or potting applications, Henkel offers its customers comprehensive solutions for their processes from one source.

Increasing Tightness, Reducing Costs

The benefits of adhesion as a joining technique can be seen in sealing flanges. Liquid anaerobic surface adhesives like Loctite 518 are a reliable, cost-efficient alternative to conventional o-ring applications. The liquid sealant creates a complete adhesive bond between the flange surfaces and is superior to o-ring sealing in terms of chemical resistance, thus increasing operational reliability.
There is no need for the laborious flange preparation needed for o-ring application, such as milling a groove, nor is there a need to stock a range of o-ring sizes for different applications. Loctite 518 is suitable for sealing flanges of all sizes. Manufacturers can use it to increase the reliability of their products and reduce both costs and the complexity of their processes.

Full Solutions for the Entire Value Chain

As well as those for adhesion and sealing, Henkel also offers solutions for cleaning, protecting and dosing in fluid technology. The highly-effective water-based and solvent-based Loctite cleaners allow oils, greases, liquid lubricants and other impairing residues to be removed reliably before adhesives and sealants are applied. The carefully-tailored cleaning process is essential for reliable adhesion.
Metal pre-treatment and conversion coating are just as important as thorough cleaning. The functional coatings under Henkel's Bonderite brand increase corrosion resistance and help to make production processes more efficient and cost-effective.
Another plus point for fluid technology manufacturers: custom dosing systems are available for the application of almost all Loctite adhesives and sealants. This results in further potential savings thanks to the prevention of dosing errors and lost time.

To sum up: be it improved life spans, cleaner and more energy-efficient systems, noise reduction or lower costs, the comprehensive Henkel portfolio allows fluid technology manufacturers to cater effectively to the growing requirements of the market. Thanks to Henkel's global presence and technical expertise, worldwide product availability and support are guaranteed.

There are many fluid power components e.g. the pneumatic screw compressor.

There are many fluid power components e.g. the hydraulic cylinder.

Loctite 518 is a semi-flexible product for machined, rigid metal flanges.

Fluid technology is part of innumerous vehicles and working machines.

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