Apr 27, 2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Improved Gasket Sealant

Loctite 518 Cures through Surface Contaminants, Offers Higher Flexibility and Adhesion

Henkel has developed a new innovative formulation for Loctite 518 Gasket Sealant that cures through light surface contamination, provides greater flexibility and adhesion as well as improved curing on inactive metals without a primer.

Loctite gasket sealants offer a reliable alternative to conventional compression gaskets, preventing leakage between flange surfaces and maintaining assembly integrity. For more than 60 years, Loctite gasketing products have helped industry to secure success by increasing reliability and preventing unscheduled and costly downtime and equipment failure.

The new oil-tolerant formula of Loctite 518 ensures a more consistent cure under real-world production and maintenance conditions, improving quality. It provides a higher strength on industrial surface contaminants and inactive flange substrates, simplifying the application process and reducing costs. Loctite 518 offers improved flexibility and adhesion to support thinner, lighter weight flange designs and its robust curing and durability provide better performance in harsh operating conditions.

Loctite 518 is a semi-flexible, medium-strength anaerobic gasketing material designed for use on casted iron, casted aluminum, and steel flanged mating surfaces. It fills gaps up to 0.25 mm and forms a semi-flexible, chemical-resistant seal that will not tear or decay. Parts disassemble easily, even after extended service by simply applying a cleavage load between the flanges. Loctite liquid gasketing products have excellent fluid resistance and eliminate the need for compression gaskets and o-rings while maintaining proper clamp load on the assembly.

About Loctite Adhesives

Industrial adhesives are radically changing the world of manufacturing, and Loctite adhesives have been at the forefront of innovation. For over 60 years, Loctite products have dramatically increased the reliability of threaded and bonded assemblies. From design engineering to front-line production and maintenance, the Loctite brand offers solutions for every step in the process. To see how Loctite adhesives are transforming manufacturing and maintenance processes, visit www.loctite.com.

Loctite 518 is available in 50ml and 300ml packaging.

Loctite 518 is ideal for use on rigid iron, steel and aluminum flanges.

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