Sep 1, 2016  Rocky Hill, Conn.

LOCTITE® 4902™FL provides a high-strength bond in seconds for assembly of flexible medical devices

Flexible LOCTITE® Instant Adhesive from Henkel
Now Available with Fluorescence

Henkel has developed a new highly flexible instant adhesive, LOCTITE 4902FL, with fluorescence for detection in cured and uncured states.  It bonds reliably to plastics, rubbers, metals and other substrates and provides rapid fixture speed combined with high bond strength.

The fluorescence in LOCTITE 4902FL allows the user to verify that the adhesive has been applied to the assembly correctly, and determine if there are any adhesive voids in the bond line.  A simple black light can be used to detect the fluorescent adhesive.

LOCTITE 4902FL is designed for use on close-fitting, flexible parts and can easily bond dissimilar substrates from plastics to elastomers, making it suitable for the assembly of flexible medical devices. The flexibility of LOCTITE 4902FL rivals that of acrylic and urethane adhesives. Testing of LOCTITE 4902FL to the Henkel ISO 10993 biocompatibility protocol is in process.

LOCTITE 4902FL is available in 20-gram and 1-pound packages. LOCTITE® 770™ or LOCTITE® 7701™ primers can be used to enhance bond strength on difficult-to-bond substrates such as polyethylene or polypropylene.

For more information, call 1-800-LOCTITE (1-800-562-8483) or visit

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LOCTITE 4902FL is fluorescent under black light, to verify that the adhesive has been applied to the assembly correctly.

LOCTITE 4902 and 4902FL flexible instant adhesives are designed for the assembly of flexible medical devices and provide high-strength bonds in seconds.