Nov 10, 2016  Rocky Hill, Conn.

Moving to prime location at 200 Elm Street

Henkel Consumer Goods Inc. Announces Location for New Stamford Headquarters

Henkel Consumer Goods Inc. (“Henkel”) has leased 135,000 square feet of office space at 200 Elm Street in downtown Stamford, CT, which will serve as the new headquarters for Henkel Consumer Goods Inc. in North America and sets the stage for significant expansion.

In September, Henkel announced its acquisition of Sun Products, a 2016 Top Workplace in CT, and the manufacturer and marketer of well-known household brands all®, Sun®, and Snuggle®, based in Wilton CT. In addition, Henkel announced the relocation of its operations in Arizona to Stamford, CT representing an important step toward fully integrating Henkel and Sun Products operations. The acquisition of Sun Products positions Henkel as a strong number 2 in the North America laundry segment.

“We are pleased to be able to provide our employees with a work space in a dynamic city that offers the best of urban culture combined with the convenience of easy transportation and a high quality of life,” said Jens-Martin Schwaerzler, President of Henkel Consumer Goods Inc. North America. “Our new facility at 200 Elm Street will showcase a forward- thinking office design, fostering a high level of creativity and collaboration, which are fundamental for our growth and success as a thriving consumer goods business.”

“The City welcomes Henkel’s relocation from Arizona and its Consumer Goods operations to Stamford,” noted Thomas Madden, Director of Economic Development, “The move of their Consumer Goods headquarters makes sense both for the purpose of unlocking tremendous access to resources in the area and to have a cohesive leadership team here in Connecticut. We are looking forward to working with Henkel and building a new future together.”

The move to Stamford is a $50 million initiative that will create a large number of new jobs and the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development is providing financial support through the First Five Plus program. Schwaerzler continued, “We wish to thank our valued partners, Building and Land Technology (BLT) and CBRE commercial real estate firms for their robust efforts in securing this outstanding office space to house our new, expanded business in Connecticut, a state with which we have a long-standing and productive partnership.”

Henkel anticipates the relocation of its operations to Stamford will start in Q2 2017, with the process completed by Q1 2018.

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