Oct 25, 2016

First-ever NFC-enabled moisture absorber system with interactive communication functionalities for quick and easy reordering

Convenient Moisture Control: Henkel Launches New Unibond Aero 360° e-connect

Henkel has launched a new moisture absorber system in the UK. Unibond Aero 360° e-connect efficiently reduces excessive moisture and prevents condensation, mould, mildew and peeling wallpaper at home. With its integrated NFC-tag (Near Field Communication), Unibond Aero 360° is the first moisture absorber with smart packaging functionalities, letting consumers know when the tab inside needs to be refilled and offering a quick and easy integrated reordering system.

Every home needs a certain level of moisture in the air for a healthy climate but excess can cause damage to houses and flats, and have a negative impact on health. Moisture absorber systems help maintain an ideal level of moisture at home. Under its Unibond brand, Henkel is offering a broad range of moisture absorbing products for consumers in the UK. By using a smart tab system, which allows 360° air circulation for better performance, the products absorb excess moisture up to 40% more efficiently*. The devices can be placed in any room and are safe and convenient to use.

The new Unibond Aero 360° e-connect is the first moisture absorber with smart packaging, enabling immediate and interactive communication with the product. Its refill indicator shows when the tab inside the device has been consumed and needs to be replaced. The integrated NFC-tag placed behind the refill indicator on the water tank enables the user to order a new tab and pay quickly by tapping on the label with an NFC-enabled smartphone. This convenience means that customers avoid time-consuming shopping or online browsing, because with just one tap, refill tabs are ordered and on their way. In addition, on the reordering website, users can also get videos and tips on moisture and on how to use the moisture absorber efficiently at home.  

Unibond Aero 360° e-connect is the first Henkel product offering the new NFC technology. “We are aiming to enhance the user experience and to drive convenient consumer solutions through interactive functionalities”, explains Madalina Uscatu, International Brand Manager for Moisture Absorbers at Henkel. “The United Kingdom has been selected for the pilot run as the local weather conditions there make moisture absorbers a necessary part of life and because consumers there are more used to ordering and purchasing products online.”

Unibond Aero 360° e-connect and the refill tabs are available via Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LCHCU0M

*compared to Henkel standard systems

The new Unibond Aero 360° e-connect moisture absorber allows a 360° air circulation.

The product absorbs excess moisture by up to 40% more efficient compared to Henkel standards.

Order refills with one tap via smartphone: Unibond Aero 360° e-connect is the first Henkel product offering the new NFC technology.

Convenient replacing of refill tabs: The NFC tag enables a quick and easy re-ordering via NFC compatible smartphones

*Most Android and Windows smartphones are NFC-compatible, however not iOS phones. For non-compatible phones, you can order via www.unibond.co.uk/refill

Step 1: Place the tab inside the device, positioning it on the axle with the blue side facing downwards.

Step 2: Check the tab replacement system to know when your refill is about to run out.

Step 3: Make sure the NFC setting is activated in your smartphone and hold the phone closer to the sticker (not supported by iOS phones).

Step 4: Done! Choose your favorite refill tabs and Amazon will conveniently deliver them to your home.