Oct 5, 2017  Düsseldorf / Germany

Comprehensive Automotive Electronic Material Technologies Drive Next-Gen Vehicle Capability

Henkel eMove360° presence to highlight Automotive Electronic Solutions that enable bumper to bumper vehicle applications

From Hall C3, Booth 301 at the eMove360° event (www.emove360.com) in Munich, Henkel Adhesive Technologies’ Electronics business will display an extensive range of material technologies that are facilitating advances in automotive electronics innovation. The interactive exhibit takes visitors on a journey through Henkel materials integration into advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), battery technologies for new energy vehicles (NEVs), automotive lighting and powertrain technologies, as well as chassis and interior systems.

As leading supplier to the automotive sector, Henkel has consistently formulated high-reliability materials to meet the challenging expectations for advanced vehicle performance. This experience underpins the company’s latest efforts, which address current and future safety-enhancing automated systems and emission-reducing technologies. From semiconductor die attach adhesives to board-level printed circuit board (PCB) protection and interconnect materials to novel inks and superior thermal management solutions, Henkel’s Loctite and Bergquist brand products are integral to ensuring fail-safe reliability for modern automotive electronics.

“Henkel has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to ADAS and NEV system advances,” says Holger Schuh, Henkel Business Development Manager for Thermal Materials. “Drawing on our expertise in handheld device camera systems, for example, we have developed a proven materials portfolio for the manufacture of automotive cameras, which are essential to safety features such as blind spot detection and parking assistance. Likewise, our thermal control materials provide critical heat management for the improved reliability of all automotive systems, most notably lithium-ion batteries and accompanying components like power converters and on-board charging modules for modern electric vehicles. When it comes to a total solutions approach, there is no other materials supplier that offers Henkel’s knowledge depth and portfolio breadth.”

In addition to its commercialized formulations on show, Henkel’s developmental efforts regarding novel thermal materials for new battery technology will be shared during a conference presentation at the Session 1: Battery Technologies at 11:00 on October 18th. Holger Schuh will discuss a new phase change thermal control material technology designed to address the thermal limitations of lithium-ion batteries through effective management of peak heat generation during high current battery charging. This innovation has the potential to dramatically improve regulation and control of battery temperature and, therefore, extend battery life while significantly reducing the required charging time. Mr. Schuh is also scheduled to share his thermal management expertise during his presentation entitled “High Efficiency, Flexible Thermal Solutions for NEV Powertrain Applications” at eMove360°’s Forum on October 17th at 14:30.

“Henkel’s holistic understanding of entire automotive electronic systems allows us to deliver material combinations aligned for maximum performance, reliability and efficiency,” notes Schuh in conclusion. “We look forward to welcoming show delegates to Hall C3, Booth 301 to discuss specific automotive applications and Henkel’s customized solutions.”

For more information, please visit: www.henkel-adhesives.com/electronics.