May 10, 2017  Wilton, Conn.

Just one squeeze of new Snuggle® Scentables® provides up to 100 days of “just-washed” freshness

Snuggle® Freshens Up The Laundry Aisle With The First Ever Squeezable Freshness Booster

A fresh scent should never be underestimated, as it has the power to build confidence, improve moods and bring people together.  NEW Snuggle® Scentables® gives you that feel-good freshness that lasts up to 100 days*. Snuggle Scentables is the first and only squeezable scent booster, and with one simple squeeze, your clothes will have a long-lasting just-washed freshness.

There are many studies that prove that fresh smelling scents can positively impact your daily living. Mood Media reports there is a 40 percent improvement in mood after being exposed to pleasant scents. Additionally, the Social Issues Research Centre, a non-profit research organization, published The Smell Report, claiming that just the mere thought of a pleasant scent could make you a bit more cheerful. With up to 100 days of freshness, Snuggle Scentables is sure to help boost your mood!

Just one squeeze unleashes a powerful, concentrated Extended Release formula which keeps your favorite clothes smelling fresh for up to 100 days, keeping your family smelling clean and fresh. Snuggle Scentables infuses your towels, clothes and linens with the fresh laundry scent that you love and even works on work-out clothes and yoga wear to give them a “just-washed” freshness. Snuggle Scentables is available in two breathtaking scents, Cool Linen™ and Lavender Breeze™, and can be found nationwide at your local retailer.

“Snuggle is recognized for bringing breakthrough innovation to consumers to make the laundry process as simple and as fresh as it can be,” said Brian Quinn, Director of Marketing, Laundry Conditioners and Specialties, Henkel. “With just one squeeze, Snuggle Scentables gives families a long-lasting and just-washed freshness that lasts up to 100 days.” Snuggle® Scentables® is the perfect complement to all your favorite Snuggle products, which help make your laundry smell, look, and feel great.

Snuggle® has been making the world a softer place for over 30 years and has a wide range of fabric care products to help moms and dads create more snuggle-up moments with their families. Whether you are looking for softness, freshness, or odor elimination, Snuggle has a product to help create more snuggle-up moments. For more on Snuggle and Snuggle Scentables, check out the TV spot at, connect with Snuggle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit You can also join the Bear Den at for special Snuggle® content, offers, and prizes.

*out of storage

Snuggle Scentables – 100 days of just washed freshness. The First Ever Squeezable Freshness Booster.