Apr 27, 2017  Bridgewater, NJ

Market Trends Driving Increased Costs for Adhesives

Henkel Adhesive Technologies Addresses Rising Costs in Adhesive Products

Henkel’s North American Packaging and Consumer Goods Division will be implementing price adjustments for certain LOCTITE®, TECHNOMELT®, and AQUENCE® products effective May 1, 2017 or as contracts allow.

Henkel continuously monitors market trends to offer the best innovations with the highest value to adhesive consumers. A price action is necessary at this time due to feedstock markets for raw materials used in our products experiencing both supply constraints and a wide range of cost escalations.

Henkel’s Packaging and Consumer Goods division delivers a broad portfolio of products sold within the markets of: furniture, building, flexible laminates, personal hygiene, tapes and labels, food and beverage, and paper solutions. For further details, please reach out to your local sales representative.