Apr 28, 2016  Wilton, Connecticut

New Odor-Eliminating Technology

Snuggle® Transforms Laundry Care with Groundbreaking Product Innovation

Snuggle®, the brand known for softening hearts and laundry for over 30 years, is taking category leadership and innovation to the next level with two new product introductions. Snuggle® PLUS SuperFresh™ has tackled the perennial laundry challenge of eliminating tough odors like pet & body odor, while still delivering the Snuggly Softness® consumers have come to love. Snuggle’s exhilarating Cherry Blossom Collection beautifully evokes the feeling of spring and adds a timely seasonal experience to the brand’s wide assortment of scents.

“Snuggle has long been a leader in championing breakthrough innovations that make a big ‘Snifference’ in the everyday lives of consumers,” said Bibie Wu, Vice President of Marketing for Snuggle®. “With Snuggle® PLUS SuperFresh™ and the Cherry Blossom Collection, we help families say ‘good-bye’ to laundry odor and ‘hello’ to the scent of spring.”

Noses breathe a sigh of relief after experiencing Snuggle’s New Odor-Eliminating Technology
Unpleasant laundry odor has long been a pain point for consumers, with more than 68% of laundry loads typically containing some odor. Consumers have voiced that the most common and frustrating offenders are sweat (42%) and body odor (39%). New Snuggle® PLUS SuperFresh™ is the first-ever fabric conditioner & dryer sheet regimen designed to help eliminate tough odor. Every capful of Snuggle® PLUS SuperFresh™ fabric conditioner contains patented odor-eliminating technology that absorbs and neutralizes malodors, and then infuses laundry with long-lasting freshness and Snuggly Softness®. Use it with Snuggle® PLUS SuperFresh™ sheets that delivers Snuggle’s maximum freshness out of the dryer. Snuggle® PLUS SuperFresh™ fabric conditioner & dryer sheets are now available nationwide.

Just in time for spring, experience the uplifting scent of Snuggle’s New Cherry Blossom Collection
Snuggle’s newest addition to its line of premium scents, Snuggle® Cherry Blossom Collection, was inspired by the growing popularity of this fragrant harbinger of spring. Although traditionally thought of as a seasonal scent, cherry blossom is now a hot trend in many categories. Bridal publications report that cherry blossoms are an increasingly in-demand wedding floral arrangement; cherry blossom cider is a new must-drink beverage; and top fashion designers and beauty influencers are featuring them in their latest collections and products. Snuggle® Cherry Blossom Collection captures the freshness of spring and delivers an exhilarating scent that blooms throughout the day, just like the cherry blossom trees of the spring season.

Available in liquid fabric conditioner, dryer sheets and scent booster varieties, Snuggle® Cherry Blossom Collection is now available nationwide.

Snuggle® PLUS SuperFresh™ and Snuggle® Cherry Blossom Collection are the latest additions to Snuggle’s rich history of product innovation that helps moms and dads take better care of their families. From being the first brand to introduce emerging scent trends to the fabric conditioning aisle with Snuggle Exhilarations, to delivering a big boost of freshness in a convenient little pac with Snuggle Scent Boosters, Snuggle always strives to make a difference in consumer’s lives.

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