Jan 8, 2014  Bobadela / Portugal

Henkel is elected as case study in adapting global products to local consumers needs

Outperforming in the portuguese market

The Laundry & Home Care Business Unit at Henkel Portugal was selected by Negócios Newspaper, one of the most important economic daily newspapers in Portugal, as a case study - thanks to its ability to adapt global products to the Portuguese consumer needs and characteristics inside the domestic area.

This Negócios Newspaper edition dedicated special attention to the consumption subject and invited several renowned worldwide companies such as Nestle, McDonald's, L'Oreal and Henkel. This edition highlighted case studies that show the power of the companies adapt their products to local consumers. Henkel Portugal saw its unit Laundry & Home Care Unit defined as a leader at this point, in understanding specifications of local consumption and high responsiveness with a special product range. After the article had been published in the print version, the subject was further enriched by a video uploaded on the newspaper's website.

In Portugal, the fragrance is a decisive factor in the choice of detergent and therefore the Henkel Unit Laundry & Home Care selected two products from Persil and Sonasol range with special versions for the Portuguese market: Persil Blue and White Soap and Sonasol Ammonia.

Blue and White Soap is a very Portuguese custom used to remove stains. With the launch of Persil Blue and White Soap, domestic consumers have access to this traditional ingredients. Innovation was one key message highlighted by Negócios Newspaper, which was strengthened by the words of the Brand Managers interviewed for this editorial work.

Regarding Sonasol Ammonia the success is due the fact that Portuguese consumers identify the fragrance of ammonia as proof of cleaning and disinfection. So the ammonia is an essential element in home high cleaning performance, making Sonasol Ammonia as the best-selling product in Portugal (#1 choice for consumers) in the home cleaning market.

The fact that the newspaper invited Henkel to participate side by side with other worldwide leading companies, not only confirms its position as key player in innovation and product development, but also that consumer proximity is a key factor in its corporate strategy to clearly outperform in the markets. Ultimately the message of this article/case study reflects the recognition of Portuguese consumers for Henkel in Portugal.

Read the article of Negócios and watch the video here.

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