Jan 30, 2014  Shanghai / China

Gift bags arrived in middle China to bring students a warm Chinese New Year

Warm winter in China

The funding from the “Make an Impact on Tomorrow” (MIT) initiative helps to prepare Spring Festival gift bags for 150 children in remote China. “Grateful Green” is a MIT project since 2012 that aims to help people in need and brighten up their lives. This year, 150 customized school bags were funded by MIT. Additionally, the employees were called for their time and commitment on sponsoring a Grateful Green Gift Bag to fill it with specified items, including a warm piece of clothing, some books and dictionaries, a special gift, a Beauty Care product, and a card with the sponsor’s personalized notes on it. The individual information on each child is provided to make sure the gifts are tailor-made for those who receive the Grateful Green gift bags. In January 2014, two Grateful Green ambassadors, Lucy Zhang and Lili Shen, went to the school, handed out the bags, talked to the students, and delivered the employees’ wishes.

This year marks the second round of the project, with a donation of 150 bags to children from low-income families where the parents work long hours to provide the basic necessities. Yet, they study hard with excellent academic performance, and hence are enrolled on a scholarship program of Hong Zhi Foundation. As in 2012, the bags were prepared for students in Yunyang High School, Hubei Province. Here, a lot has happened in the past year: some of the students graduated and are mow enrolled in the best universities in China.

Henkel supports the employees' engagement in the project funded by MIT, because the project not only helps those in need but also proves the employees' commitment where in return they are reminded to give back to the society. 150 employees who personally prepared Grateful Green Gift Bags took the weekends to shop for requested items. Furthermore, volunteers from different departments worked during the lunch hours to distribute and retrieve bags, together with the three Grateful Green core team members - Lucy Zhang from HR, Frieda Wang from Finance, and Lili Shen from Adhesive Technologies - who initiated the project and ensured its success from the beginning to the very end. “This is a very good initiative! We would like to continue this project in the future”, concluded Chris Chun, Social Progress Ambassador Asia Pacific.

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