Mar 5, 2014  Düsseldorf / Germany

New Digital Campaign for WC Frisch

Flush to Paradise

On March 5, 2014, WC Frisch will set women’s pulses racing again with a new digital campaign: The Balls Dream Band is back. In their second video the boy band shows off their physiques and convinces with a seductive performance straight out of paradise.

Ladies, eat your heart out: the time for a dazzlingly clean toilet has arrived! With just one flush, the new video featuring the Balls Dream Band lures the fairer sex into paradise. Strutting their stuff, the lads show just how sexy a clean, hygienic toilet can be. Cleansing foam, anti-limescale formula, dirt protector and extra freshness – each of the hunks stands for one of the four active ingredients in WC Frisch.

The video plays in a typical public ladies’ restroom. Upon entering the restroom, the women are requested to flush the toilet. The walls then open up and the women suddenly find themselves in a beautiful Garden of Eden. They are welcomed by the four members of the Balls Dream Band, who put on a mesmerizing performance and demonstrate the product features to their female stunned, amazed audience.

Along with the video, various interactive tools allow users to plunge into the world of the Balls Dream Band. With the “Paradise Yourself” app, you can upload your own photo and join the Balls Dream Band in paradise. In addition, you can share photos with funny messages from the band members via Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or email.

Curious? Simply scan the QR code to watch the video.

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