Mar 5, 2014  Düsseldorf

Metpack 2014 in Essen

Product solutions for the manufacture of beverage cans

Henkel is a global leader in the supply of products, services and technical expertise to the food and beverage can industry. At Metpack 2014, the most important trade fair for the international metal packaging industry, sector specialists will be presenting their innovations for the production, treatment, coating and recycling of cans, tubes, containers and drums. During the event between May 6 and May 8, 2014, Henkel will be showcasing innovative lubricants and cleaners under the Bonderite brand for the manufacture of two-piece beverage cans.

Henkel ist der weltweit führende Anbieter von Produkten, Services und technischem Know-how für die Lebensmittel- und Getränkedosenindustrie

Henkel ist der weltweit führende Anbieter von Produkten, Services und technischem Know-how für die Lebensmittel- und Getränkedosenindustrie.

Henkel has a proven track record of delivering new and innovative technologies to keep pace with can maker’s changing needs for improved efficiency, longer tool life, and more environmentally friendly processes. With its extensive portfolio of lubricants, sealants, cleaners and equipment for production process control, Henkel is able to offer solutions across the entire process chain, all tailored to rapidly changing customer requirements. Customers benefit in particular from the many years of experience and globally structured service capability offered by Henkel as the market leader for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings.

Bonderite product portfolio for all areas of can manufacturing

At Metpack 2014, Henkel will be showcasing several new technologies from the Bonderite product line for the manufacture of two-piece beverage cans. The new range of Bonderite L-FM 8300 and 8400 post lubricants are a key part of Henkel's integrated lubricant program with impressive benefits available.

These include enhanced lubrication performance, providing more latitude in the can forming process coupled with extended tool life and reduced bleed-through on the finished cans. Practical experience has also shown that they help to significantly increase productivity by reducing tear-off rates. In addition, the ease with which these products can be cleaned off is amongst the most important customer-focused benefits.

With the Bonderite C-IC-700 series of cleaners for can manufacturing, Henkel has once again provided convincing evidence of its innovative strengths. This product range is based on an optimized surfactant technology, along with an enhanced brightener additive that enables etching of the cans with significantly less hydrofluoric acid in the cleaner system. Customers can benefit from reduced handling of hazardous chemicals, significant savings in waste treatment of fluorides, and lower overall cleaning costs.

Bonderite M-PT ME-77 is a new final rinse mobility enhancer available to can manufacturers in Europe, Middle East and Asia, which has improved features over standard mobility enhancers. This change in technology provides for lower slip angles over conversion coatings, and better water drainage properties. With these improved features, customers benefit from faster line speeds and fewer decorator trips, as well as energy reduction from lower oven temperatures. Furthermore, Bonderite ME-77 is formulated with environmentally friendly raw materials and is REACH compliant.

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