Mar 11, 2014  Türkeli / Turkey

Social engagement of the Henkel Fire Serviceiales Engagement der Henkel-Werkfeuerwehr

A fire engine for Turkey

Many Henkel employees volunteer for social projects in their free time and are supported by their employer in doing so. Since 2010, the Henkel Fire Service has been heavily engaged in a social project in Turkey. Specifically, it has been supporting the local fire department in the town of Türkeli – through donations and training, and most recently through an aid package to help repair flood damages. Last year, a team of Henkel firefighters also went to visit their counterparts in Turkey, taking with them a fire engine that they gave to their hosts.

For many years, Uwe Westphal and Sahin Kyahan have been engaged in various initiatives to support the fire department in the town of Türkeli on Turkey’s Black Sea coast. Their activities are sponsored by the Fritz Henkel Foundation. “Our colleagues in this Turkish firefighting unit are always thankful for our support. Currently, they are involved in repairing the damage caused by a recent storm flood,” says Uwe Westphal. “We were quick to respond with aid supplies.”

The Henkel firefighter knows what his Turkish counterparts are likely to be facing because, last year, he and two other colleagues from the service made their way to Turkey to meet their Türkeli colleagues. The firefighters traveled 3,800 kilometers in a fire engine that they intended to hand over to their Turkish colleagues as a donation to their cause. “The new appliance is essential to enable the local unit’s fast response to fire emergencies in and around Türkeli,” Uwe Westphal explains. Thanks to hardware donations from Henkel, the Türkeli fire department’s equipment has been significantly expanded and modernized in recent years. Uwe Westphal and his colleagues also carry out regular training courses in the town. “The Türkeli team has developed into one of the best firefighting units on the Black Sea coast,” enthuses Westphal. “And I am delighted that we have been able to make a contribution to their progress.”

Henkel’s social engagement activities are grouped together under the umbrella of the Fritz Henkel Foundation. Via the MIT Initiative (Make an Impact on Tomorrow), the company promotes, in particular, the volunteering work of its own employees. Since the Initiative was established in 1998, it has provided assistance for more than 10,600 projects in over 50 different countries.

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