Mar 20, 2014  Düsseldorf / Germany

International final of the Henkel Innovation Challenge

Visionary product ideas for 2050

The contenders in the international final of the student competition “Henkel Innovation Challenge” have been chosen. From March 31 to April 2, a total of 21 student teams from around the world will present their innovative product concepts for the year 2050.

??? Die Studenten Bénédicte Labatut and Anais Ly überzeugten mit ihrem Produktkonzept „MY Diadermine“ im französischen Finale.

Students Bénédicte Labatut and Anais Ly won the French final with their product concept “MY Diadermine”.

??? Die Teilnehmer des regionalen Finales in Südost Asien.

The contenders in the regional final for Southeast Asia.

??? Die engagierten Henkel-Mentoren in Deutschland

The Henkel mentors in Germany (from left to right): Udo Lorenz, Johanna Liehn, Christian Dewitz, Tobias Gubitz, Marin Schuermann, Fabian Delanuit, Paolo Bavaj and Sonja Löwen. (Not pictured: Antoine Philippe, Alejandro Schönhoff)

??? Gute Stimmung beim lateinamerikanischen Finale in Mexiko.

The Latin American final in Mexico generated a good atmosphere.

??? Die Teilnehmer des nationalen Finales in Polen.

The participants in Poland’s national final.

??? Das Finale in Tunesien: Die Jurymitglieder hören aufmerksam zu.

The jury members listening attentively during the final in Tunisia.

??? Die türkischen Gewinner mit dem Prototyp ihres Produktkonzepts „Bonderite Smart Hygiene“.

The Turkish winners with the prototype of their product concept “Bonderite Smart Hygiene.”

??? Die Teilnehmer des nationalen Finales in China.

The participants in China’s national final.

??? Die beiden deutschen Gewinner, David Winkelmann (links) und Bruno Veltri (rechts) mit ihrem Henkel-Mentor Paolo Bavaj, Corporate Director New Business Development Adhesive Technologies.

The two German winners David Winkelmann (left) and Bruno Veltri (right) with their Henkel mentor Paolo Bavaj, Corporate Director New Business Development Adhesive Technologies.

The national finals of the Henkel Innovation Challenge took place around the world during the last two months. Based on possible trends and market demands envisaged for 2050, the best teams in each country presented their innovative product ideas for one of the three business units at Henkel: Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care and Adhesive Technologies.

Ranging from “Wunder Cure”, a heat-storing Loctite Adhesive, and the “Spee Overnight” washing unit installed in the wardrobe, to “MY Diadermine”, a facial care product with personalized active ingredients, the concepts are impressive for their creativity and pioneering spirit. Now the winning teams are due to meet in the international final at the end of March. And the agenda awaiting the participants is exciting indeed: Not only will they be presenting their concepts, they will also have an opportunity to share ideas with a number of Henkel managers. Team-building activities and career discussions are also on the agenda, all rounded off by a city tour and a gala dinner.

This year again, the Henkel Innovation Challenge attracted students from a wide range of disciplines and from right around the world. Teams of two from a total of 30 countries, including Brazil, China, the USA, France and India, submitted their ideas, and the photo gallery offers a number of impressions of the various national finals.



Henkel Innovation Challenge 7 - Semi-final Germany

Get first-hand insights about the Henkel Innovation Challenge and what drives the students to participate. In the last 7 years 30.000 students around the world already participated in the Henkel Innovation Challenge. Thanks for the amazing time we had in Duesseldorf with the German top students!

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