Apr 10, 2014  Barcelona / Spain

Recognition of Spanish business magazine “Actualidad Económica”

Top Performer in Innovation

Henkel’s commitment to innovation has been recognized by the Spanish magazine “Actualidad Económica”. The award is called “The 100 Best Ideas” of the year 2013 and was given to Henkel’s product Loctite Super Glue-3 thanks to the new water resistant formula.

Actualidad Económica is the most important economic and business magazine in Spain with more than 70,000 readers. These awards have more than 35 years of history and recognize the companies that every year launch new products and services to the market that improve the consumer’s life by making it more convenient.

The winners are clustered in different fields as Food and Beverage, Energy, Lifestyle, Finance, Training and Employment, Sustainability, Motor, etc. Loctite won the award in the category of Technology, beated out competed brands like Microsoft, LG, Vodafone, Intel, Ericsson, etc. that competed in this category.

Please find further information on the magazine’s website: www.actualidadeconomica.com.

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