Apr 21, 2014  Düsseldorf / Germany

Ranking of employer branding research organization "Universum"

Germany’s Most Popular Employers 2014

Henkel counts among Germany’s most popular employers, as confirmed by the annual survey conducted by Universum to assess company attractiveness among students. The German-wide ranking, which covers all the relevant university disciplines – economics, humanities, engineering, IT, and the sciences – put Henkel high on the list.

In the eyes of economics students, Henkel was ranked 44, while the scientists put it at 29. The chemists, a target group of particular importance for Henkel, actually placed the company ninth. The graduates of the future are especially keen on professional training and development opportunities. They give high scores to a dynamic working environment and competent managers able to give them specific encouragement and attention.

Each year, Universum carries out global and national surveys on the topic of employer branding. In response, more than 700,000 students, graduates and young professionals reveal who they think are the most attractive employers and the key career factors.