Apr 29, 2014  Düsseldorf / Germany

Study of 100 German corporate websites

Henkel website takes third

For anyone wishing to find out something about a company, its website is usually the first port of call. Now the management consultancy NetFederation has performed a study to determine how well 100 of Germany’s biggest companies use their website as a communication tool. In the ensuing ranking, the Henkel website was awarded third place. The Harvard Business Manager gives an overview of the main results.

Die Henkel-Webseite wurde beim Webseiten-Ranking von NetFederation mit dem 3. Platz ausgezeichnet.

The Henkel website took third place in the website ranking published by NetFederation.

The Henkel website scored especially in the Content & Editing category. According to the study, the website’s Career section is also very good with a wide range of information for potential applicants. The Henkel website likewise did particularly well in the Sustainability category: According to the study, Henkel is one of the few companies that provides visitors of its websites with specific information on its sustainability activities; and, the Henkel website was regarded as generally exemplary in its treatment of corporate social responsibility issues.

Using a checklist comprising 280 points shared between the four main “benchmarks” entitled Corporate, Human Resources, Media Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility, the study investigated the extent to which the online presence of each company met the current requirements of their various stakeholder groups.

For more information on this annual analysis entitled “Corporate Benchmark” by NetFederation, go to http://www.corporate-benchmark.de or to the Harvard Business Manager site.

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