May 20, 2014  Ploieşti / Romania

Henkel employees support international aid project

Welcome home

Henkel’s social responsibility was very much in evidence in a recent undertaking. Within just a week, a team of the company’s employees had built a new home for a family of seven in the Romanian town of Ploieşti. The joy and gratitude of the Romanian family on receiving the keys last Sunday was overwhelming.

Mr. and Mrs. Rudaru were living with their four children and a grandchild in extreme poverty on just ten square meters of living space. However, working together with Habitat for Humanity, 20 Henkel employees from the Infrastructure Services unit helped to build a new, more fitting home within the passed week.

Wearing overalls and safety boots, the volunteer helpers began the constructions on Monday morning. Split into small groups, they cut timber boards to size, nailed sections of the roof construction and erected the walls with door and window openings. Swept along by the enthusiasm of the Henkel team, members of the Rudaru family and their neighbors also lent a hand. In the following days, the roof was completed, the outer walls insulated and clad, the gutters installed, the garden fence repaired, and much more was done until the house was finally completed.

After the traditional fare of bread and salt, the team of Henkel helpers handed over the keys to the new home owners. During the handover ceremony a priest blessed the house, at the request of the family and as Romanian customary.

The funding for this international aid project was largely collected by the Henkel employees themselves – through ambitious events such as company fun runs and Christmas and Easter donation campaigns. Financial support was also forthcoming from the Fritz Henkel Foundation, which is closely connected to the company, further emphasizing Henkel’s long-term commitment to social involvement beyond its business activities.

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